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New Website

New Website

Finally changed up that old tired website that I have had forever.

In my first post I am going to try out some of the new formatting of the website. I am using a application called Hugo to generate the site, since it creates static pages it increases the speed, and lowers resources needed for the site.

What are we going to test:

  1. First we need to test list.
  2. I reckon I will often list code, so lets test that.
  3. Of course, links are important
  4. Maybe some basic bold and Italics
  5. Of course we should test tables out
  6. and images, I am sure I will use a lot of them.

If I want to display code, I will do it like this:

This is some code

here is an example of a link… this is a link

Hmm.. so italics some bold strikethrough

This is a test this is second test

and another

one more time OK, last time.. I mean it

First Header Second Header
Content Cell Content Cell
Content Cell Content Cell

tiny arrow

Pretty neat! Very simple..

More details on the markdown launge can be found here.. This is mostly for me.. a referral post.