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Written by Alayna Hutson   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 20:03

Work Bench | Price/Unit : 7.49 USD

Find it in SLOn XStreetSL | Videos | Support | >>L$1450

The work bench is ideal for use with tiny prims. I think anything smaller than .3 is tiny, but it will work with slightly larger objects than that.

When you place a prim above it, a pad will rez below it. The pad will follow your prim around marking where it is for you as tiny prims can be hard to see. It also resizes to your prims' max scale size (x, y, or z). Keep in mind that if you delete a prim, it can take up to 30 seconds for the pad to disappear.


  • Necklace Generator Wizard
  • Nudger that moves your prims super tiny amounts and requires no scripts in your prims
  • Track the prim count with no effort
  • Display exact position of your tiny prims
  • Particle Help to reveal lost tiny prims
  • Easy-to-use buttons
  • Change the color to gain contrast on your project quick with a single touch


Light is a toggle button. It will rez a light for you to better illuminate your work.
Particles is a toggle button. It makes the pads display particles to easily see prims.
Position is a toggle button. It displays the exact position of the prim it's tracking.
Necklace Generator
The necklace generator starts a wizard that will generate a necklace based on the answers you give.
Turn On/Off
This turns on and off the sensors that detect and rez the tiny purple pads below your tiny prims.

Work Area

You can click the work area to cycle through its colors. Get a better view using contrasting colors.

Nudging - Next & Prev

The arrows start up "The Nudger." Use the arrows to move between the different prims you have on the work bench. You will notice a set of arrows pointing in many directions directly above the current prim it's on (it's called "The Nudger").
Stop clears out any rezzed nudgers.

The Nudger

"The Nudger" is a set of 18 arrows that rez above the prim when using the arrows on the work bench. When you touch an arrow on "The Nudger" for the first time ever, the pad will ask for permissions to link to your prim. It will then be allowed to move that prim. To unlink just touch the "Stop" nudger button on the work bench. It might not look like it's moving when you touch some arrows, but the increments are so small that it might not be fully visible. The arrows closest to the center of "The Nudger" move the smallest amount. So the arrows on the outside of "The Nudger" move your prim the most.

Prim Count

Prim Count only counts unlinked prims. If your prims are linked, it will only count them as one. You will only notice one pad in this situation. This pad will appear under the root prim of your linked set.

Necklace Generator

Use this button to create a necklace. Simply answer the questions you're prompted with, complete any tasks it requires, and you will see your necklace rez before your eyes!

Last Updated on Monday, 20 April 2009 23:23

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