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Written by Alayna Hutson   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 18:11

Find it in SL| VideoTMat On XStreetSL | TMat With Web on XStreet | Support| >>$L3950
Tmat | Price/Unit : 21.95 USD
Tmat with Web | Price/Unit : 37.95 USD

The TMat Texture / Sculpty / Sound / Animation Organizing System is the best way to cheer you up out of your poorly organized blues. Not only will you clear your inventory of idle folders full of textures & other items, but you'll do it quickly and efficiently. It also now supports No Transfer items as well. Think about having all your Textures / Sculpty / Sounds / Animation in properly sorted folders without any duplicates! And that's just one of the few things the Skidz Partz TMat Organizing System will help you accomplish!


  • Simple!
  • NEW!! Supports No Trans & No Mod Items
  • NEW!! AMAZING! Drag and drop the thumbnail of items to folders to organize them
  • NEW!! syncs with the Ultra Inventory Server to view your textures online already organized
  • NEW!! integration into the TNT Primz building tool (Apply textures & Rez Sculpties)
  • Fully customizable, add folder, make themes
  • Comes with a 220, 47 and 13 folder version
  • Auto-resizes for use on the ground or as a HUD
  • Search by name, creator, or key
  • Minimize button to hide it when not in use, which also Disables all scripts but one
  • Script deactivation when not in uses lowering sim resources down to almost nothing 0.002 MS Runtime
  • Easy create transferable share boxes
  • Remembers its spot at every HUD position (minimized and maximized)
  • THREE levels of permissions (Take, Browse, & Organize)
  • Copy or Move items to a folder, or another TMat
  • View texture and change repeats with simple drag resize
  • Transfer items from objects to your TMat with the unpack script
  • Migrate from other organizers with the unpack script
  • Easily drop in, choose folder, and display your items
  • 13/47/220 folders you can name and rename for outstanding organization
  • Displays up to 25 items at once
  • NEW!! animation support
  • Sculpty display support
  • Sound support
  • Move items around easily
  • Special effects show texture movement
  • Check for duplicate items and can handle well over 10,000 items in one folder
  • Copyable for your convenience
  • Permissions detection to grab no copy textures
  • Change the background color to show contrast
  • Quickly view details about a texture (permissions, creator details, & more)
  • Allow a group or anyone to Browse your items
  • Allow a group or anyone to take your items
  • Allow a group or anyone to organize your items
  • You can share your textures with all TMat owners
  • Custom Blue, Skull, Industrial, and Comic themes
  • Share boxes record the last place you unpacked them
  • Clone your TMat to another TMat
  • Lots of little extras
  • Exclusive membership into the ::Skidz TMat Texture Organizer Group
With the Web Media Share Plugin:
  • Browse your items online
  • Much faster for viewing your items
  • It can take advantage of the new Web on prim display in Viewer 2
  • Display details of the item including name, permissions, creator, and so much more.
  • Give button to send yourself selected items in world.
  • Switch folders on the web page
  • Quick Page bar (bottom) to move between pages quickly
  • Secure, only individuals with permissions, or you give the URL to can view it
  • Can be used in most popular web browsers (IE is not supported)
  • Use it on a second monitor

General controls for thumbnails:

  • Thumbnails are the tiny boxes (25 of them) that display your textures. There are many ways to interact with these.
    • Clicking once will select an item
    • Clicking and dragging a selected thumbnail over a folder moves it to that folder
    • Click and hold for a second then release bring up the items details (name, permissions current and next, creator profile detials, more)
    • Double clicking will do different things depending on the content type being displayed.

Advanced Features:

  • Modify the TMat to have as many folders as you like
  • Create your own themes


I didn't hand pick these reviews, I copy and pasted them directly from, all of them:

Image Image Image Image Image Chalice Yaoon 2008-06-14
2 of 2 members found this review helpful.


I got this a short while ago as per Darien's suggestion, and finally got around today to organize my textures with it. It's an awesome system to use, I must say. Intuitive, and the very best feature so far is the script you get, to simply put into an object that's filled with your textures. Click the object, and zing! All the textures get dropped into a TMat folder. For a person like me who stored all her textures in prims, a godsend.

I love that feature. And I must say the TMat features one of the most creative use of particles ever. Really well done and smooth scripting overall, with lots of options. So far, there's nothing I miss.

Kudos to you, Skidz.

Image Image Image Image Image Briauna Bainbridgeon 2008-03-28
2 of 2 members found this review helpful.
WOW! inventory is a monster and textures being half the problem. This a fabulous product. I have not even scratched the surface of all it does but I was able to put my textures in the TMAT and delete them from my inventory, other organizers I have purchased did not allow that. I just love this product!

Image Image Image Image Image Gorman Indigoon 2008-03-15
3 of 4 members found this review helpful.
I have thousands of textures and needed an efficient organizer. TMat is it! When I first bought the TMat I did have a small problem (my fault) and the owner was very quick to respond and came over to show me what I was doing wrong. This is a great product with great customer service. I strongly recommend it.

Moggs Oceanlaneon 2008-06-21
0 of 1 members found this review helpful.
REally nice interface. Like that you have the ability to extend/modify it yourself. Adding textures is pretty and seems to work well - love the fact you can plunk a script in a box and don't have to unpack to inventory then put in organiser. The scuptie view is really nice soo. The only thing that I think is a little less robust that my old organiser (K.R. Engineering Texture Master) is the removal of duplicates... it seems to take a lot more time and effort - I have somwhere between 7000-10000 textures and loved the duplicate removal in the old system - over all the ability to view creator info, perms, rename items and view sculpts means I'll stay with this one.

Image Image Image Image Image Patti Fryeon 2008-03-11
1 of 3 members found this review helpful.
Wow! One of the best Texture Organizers I've ever found in SL. But then again I wasn't surprised since it was fro Skidz Tweak.
Very script friendly, (shuts down when not in use). Loading textures couldn't be easier. Skidz has thought about this one for a long time. Forget all the've got to get this one.
Check out his other products as well. All are great!

Image Image Image Image Image Gypsy Pazon 2008-03-06
1 of 3 members found this review helpful.

I've tried all the texture organizers out there, and this one totally blows them all out of the water!

Great Job and worth every penny!

Image Image Image Image Image Badwolf Brackenon 2009-09-02
OK, I'll put my hands up and admit I Love Skidz's stuff but I resisted this. That said I really was losing control of my textures and had tried numerous other organisers decided to spend a little more cash on this.

Wah - Money well spent, up and running in seconds and a very happy bunny here.

Totally recommended for anyone attempting to sort inventory and keep stuff under control, the Folders are brilliant

Message to the Skidz team - stop taking my money!!!! :)

Image Image Image Image Image CodeWarrior Carlingon 2009-03-15
Two words...

Get one!

This product is very thoroughly thought out. I have some other texture organizer products, but filling them with textures is still pretty cumbersome and time consuming. Even with this one you'll still need to do some work, but Skidz has included a lot of features that make it about as easy as it can be.

Of all the tools and building aids I have acquired, this one is definitely the most time saving and useful one.

Image Image Image Image Image Jewell Lamourfouon 2009-02-28
One of my customers showed me this and well - its brilliant- worth every penny. I will be sure to tell my customers about it when they ask for organizer recommendations- five stars hands down.

Image Image Image Image Image Analiese Stringon 2008-12-17
It is powerful but it it took me a bit to learn.
I couldn't figure out the basics (like taking a texture OUT of the organizer; which I don't recall if it was in the notecard or not.)
But overall, it IS advanced. If you need a basic texture organizer, this would be a bit of a stretch for you. But if you need something with a lot more features, this is great!

Image Image Image Image Image Violet Lavioletteon 2008-12-12
I love this!
I started using it when it first came out.. just slack on
writing reviews and ratings on exchange.
But this item is fantastic.
I have thousands of textures as do my friends that have since
bought it because I love mine.
Being a builder its perfect. updates,
sculpy option. so many things. and I have about ALL the
organizers on the market, this replaced my opus.

Image Image Image Image Image Natasiaa Nightfireon 2008-11-16
This is absolutely awesome.. I was very leary about getting a texture organizer.. was scared tehy would be too complicated to use and just make my organizing more confusing.. A friend bought this for me as a rez day gift ....this actually helped me get all my textures in order My texture folder is now my neatest folder in my inventory!! this is very simple to use ... I love it!

Image Image Image Image Image Holgi Fallon 2008-10-25
Its amazing the system. Now i use it since about 6 Months and use it without any problems

Image Image Image Image Image Meggie Decostaon 2008-10-08
This is fab...well worth the money. After reading through the simple to follow instructions the best way to learn is to play around with it. Highly recommended!

Image Image Image Image Image Seshat Czereton 2008-10-07
I'm still in the process of sorting through all the NCI Freebie-wall textures, and arranging them how I want them in the organizer.

Even with the organization half-done, I can decide 'I want a simple cloth texture with no pattern', rez the organizer that holds my plain cloth textures, select the folder of the right colour, and there's everything right there.

I'm finding the organizer easy to use, both in placing the textures where I want them, and in locating the textures I want.

I'm not yet using some of the more advanced features.

Image Image Image Image Image Sara Lukason 2008-08-15
I already have 3 other texture orgasnisers, but this is the best yet... i love the ability to add scripts straight from the box with the script and to be able to add sculpt maps too, which u can see in 3d... service is top notch, cant falter anything.

Image Image Image Image Image Irsa Dabuon 2008-08-10
Best texture organizer I've seen so far. Very user friendly. Pleasant to use. Great product!

Image Image Image Image Image Dinohunden Paineon 2008-06-21
State of the art!, Nothing less. I had another organizer beore, something happend, so I couldn't rez it, and after trying to get in touch with the creator, I gave up, and got this. I havn't regreted it a bit. Easy in use, and in transfer, easy to use at the builds.
Got a chock though... I didn't know it minimized itself, so when I came back to the build "Where the BEEEB is my organizer :-D
One little thing: I would be nice with some moe folders, though it's copyable. But 5 thumbs up from here!

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 September 2010 20:18


0 #1 Loxtrisa Ray 2009-04-18 09:46
I notice that Vickie Greenwood (winner of 3 Residents Choice Awards Architect/Builder, Sculpty Builder, and Food Builder) is a member of the TMat group. :D

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