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Written by Alayna Hutson   
Saturday, 03 October 2009 11:20

TNT Primz | Price/Unit : 18.95 USD

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Welcome to the future of building...

As the next generation of building tools in Second Life, the TNT Primz system is the future of virtual construction. Boasting a lag-free experience, with an easy-to-use interface and time-saving curve, the TNT Primz system will be your favorite building tool. If you're familiar with the Skidz Primz, the TNT Primz will prove to be a new twist on familiar functions with brand new modes and features.

Experience the newly implemented touch-on-prim!
Get the TNT Primz now!


Make building a breeze with the TNT Primz. The system exploits the newly implemented touch interface, doing away with the prim-heavy interface used for the same effects. This significantly reduces lag and improves your efficiency.



  • eight modes, two are brand new: Snap, Gap, RotClassic, RotScale, RotSide, Move, Link, and Texture
  • align textures dynamically from one side to another
  • super low use of your sims resources at just 1 script per TNT Prim
  • "More" buttons right on the prim give you quick access to common functions
  • save time and increase your efficiency
  • easy to use
  • avoid common issues/shortcomings with the Second Life Build interface
  • touch interface eliminates the need for memorizing commands
  • seamless prim alignment
  • fill gaps
  • relocate prim attributes while maintaining size and shape
  • align textures
  • move all your prims as if they're in a rezzing device
  • free updates for life and outstanding technical support

Texture Mode

You can actually drag your mouse across the prim to move your texture around. And to align your textures, just touch the faces you want to align to your active prim! With just a few, simple clicks, you've saved yourself the time and effort of manually aligning textures! Then, use the built-in texturing features to apply bumpmaps, colors and more directly from the face of your prim! And the new TMat integration allows you to apply the last selected texture from your TMat to your TNT Primz. Now THATS innovation!
Snap Mode
Lining up your prim's edges has never been easier! Snap Mode allows you to touch two points on the prims you want to match up, and the alignment is instant! Get seamless creations in just a snap! Even better, the alignment is more accurate than you could ever try to do by hand; to the SEVENTH decimal! Be amazed at how better your work looks having aligned your prims with Snap Mode!
RotScale Mode
Have you ever needed to relocate an attribute on a prim? Did it involving rotating the prim then copying and pasting the three axis? Then you realized that in doing that, you threw off your entire build? Dread this mistake no more! Now you can fix this in just one click (or two)! Just click on a touch point to send it spinning in the right direction. Your prim stays the same size, but rotates to relocate the attributes! Handy!
Gap Mode
Gaps are among the most dreaded things in Second Life, coming in at a close third to naked newcomers and Torley Linden. We're still working on repellants for numbers one and two, but we do have the solution to gaps! Gap Mode! It uses the touch points to measure out the size of your gaps. Once you've touched those points, your active prim will resize to that size. In addition to resizing the active prim to fill a gap, you can also resize the active prim to the distance between any two touch points.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 September 2010 09:55


0 #1 Mike the constructor 2010-03-07 16:54
Interesting stuff, i wonre when it's going to be commercial....

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