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Active Prims Don't Like the Release Candidate PDF Print E-mail
Second Life - Technical
Written by Alayna Hutson   
Thursday, 21 May 2009 20:36

Blacky Swansong came to me today and ended up purchasing the Skidz Primz after some deliberation. I worked with Blacky to get him all set up with the tool and began to teach him the basics. As we delved a little deeper into our lesson, I began talking about the Active Prim. "It's the prim that's flashing."


On Blacky's client, there wasn't anything flashing. We messed around for well over ten minutes, thinking that it was something to do with his lighting settings. Blacky even relogged to see if it was just a fluke. Yet the prim was not indicating in any way that there was something going on until Blacky edited the prim and went to the Texture tab to see that the check mark was appearing and disappearing on the Full Bright option.


Annoyed, I decided to ask the Skidz Primz Users group if anyone had encountered a similar issue. Along with several others, our very own Matto Destiny informed me that yes indeed this was an ongoing issue. And the revelation came when someone said the issue is with the latest Release Candidate. Sure enough, Blacky was also running the Release Candidate!


The flashing you see when you make a Skidz Prim active is a scripting function that turns Full Bright on and off in a timed fashion. This is an integral part of the Skidz Primz as it allows you to see exactly which prim is active and which isn't. If you can't see the flashing, it's a huge problem--which prim is going to move or change?


Make sure that you log into the Jira ASAP and vote on this issue. It needs to be brought to Linden Labs' attention so they don't break this function when the Release Candidate goes mainstream!

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 May 2009 21:02

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