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Is Linden Labs planning on restricting script memory per parcel? PDF Print E-mail
Second Life - Scripting
Written by Skidz Tweak   
Sunday, 12 April 2009 13:07
A friend of mine, Thomas Conover, sent me a link yesterday to a blog, that appears to be owned by someone that works at linden labs. In it, he described something linden labs is working on to limiting script memory per parcel. Script memory would become a resource like prims on each parcel. 

If you tried to rez a scripted item, and the parcel you are on does not have enough memory in the scripting pool, it will not rez. 

This gives me so many conflicting feelings. As a person on SL, I like the idea in general because I have had stores on sims where some guy has a house with a trillion scripts. In these rare cases, it would be very helpful. As a product designer, I hate this idea because it would make it 100% impossible to make reliable products. 

Personally, I think they are placing their efforts in the wrong direction. Instead of limiting the scripts, they need to empower them. A script should be able to do anything an avatar can, including returning items on the land, check scripting resources, and spotting griefers. They should work on adding better functions that don't take up so many resources. For example, storing information in a script now means you have to save it in memory. Why not change it so you can actually store a small amount of information in a notecard by writing to it. HOW HARD WOULD THAT BE? If scripts had these powers, developers could make items in Second Life that would solve the problems of too many script resources being used. 

I personally still have a thousand questions about how this would work. 
What if scripts are disabled, and you need to re enable them but the scripting pool is full? Will disabled scripts still count against the scripting pool? Skidz Primz have a lot of scripts in them but only 2 are enabled at any time. Not to mention the TMat that when minimized uses only 1 script. 
Will there be functions that allow us to see the scripting pool level? This would at least allow as product developers to try and minimize the damage.

Unfortunatly, while products I make (like the Skidz Primz) are very low in scripting resources, they have bursts of high scripting resources. If something like this were to work, there would have to be allowances for these things on the land. Kinda like temp on rez is to a prim.

What do you all think, is this good? Or is this another nail in the coffin?
Last Updated on Sunday, 12 April 2009 21:41


0 #13 Dell 2009-10-11 19:55
Well personally as a landlord in SL I can't wait for LL to put this into place I am sooo tired of people complaining about lag when they are the ones causing it someone with 1 parcel is running 500 scripts with pets and all sorts running at 8ms and the person next door with 4 parcels hardly uses any script time at 2ms. We have restictions on prims and people don't complain because they know thats what they have but with script they have no idea who's running what. The only thing I would suggest is that estate managers can adjust the setting to suit themselves like prim bonus now.
0 #12 Thomas Conover 2009-04-23 17:18
I broke into LLs secret research lab with my crow-bar last night and stole their incredible shopisticated beta code for it, they have been working for months on it:

if (GetUsedMemory( ) > (MaxAllowedPerS QM * ParcelSize))
refuseRezzing() ;
if (rezExploitUsed () == TRUE)
RandomlyBreakCo deEverywhere();
} else {
ContinueRunning OldBugsNeverGon naBeFixed();
0 #11 Skidz Tweak 2009-04-22 20:17
This is so true. I bet there is a surge in web based development after this happens.
+1 #10 Thomas Conover 2009-04-22 19:27
Where theres coffins, there will be grave robbers they say...

Nuf sayd, let the chaos begin. May the best win. Survival of the fittest. Darwin at its best.
+1 #9 Oola 2009-04-18 06:21
Another nail? More like a giant, freaking spike! That sort of limit would mean sudden and total death for all of SL. Just about everything in the entire grid would instantly break if they inplemented this.
+1 #8 Loxtrisa Ray 2009-04-15 04:25
Considering articles such as this,
what better way to start pushing people out into the OpenSim world than to limit SL more and more? I remember when I first looked at SL back in 2004 (before I got hooked into WoW), they said even then that the plan all along was that SL was "temporary" in the sense that they wanted sims to be as commonplace as webpages...people hosting their own etc...
+1 #7 Skidz Tweak 2009-04-13 15:43
Jesse_Barnett on twitter sent me this URL of a converstation in world with Babbage Linden confirming this. So it looks like it is officially going to happen.
0 #6 Alayna Hutson 2009-04-13 09:18
I suppose while they're at it, they'll have an option to purchase more script usage and have new "script tier" purchasing section on the website. The last thing Linden Lab needs is to LIMIT more. I have to agree with Skidz that LL needs to empower scripts instead of restrict them.

Can you say money grab?
+1 #5 Loxtrisa Ray 2009-04-13 09:10
I can just see it now....

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0 #4 Sleek Weezles 2009-04-13 08:55
I'll have to see more of what they intend on doing to truly have an opinion, but given LL's decisions in the past, I'm not exactly getting that "warm-fuzzy" feeling from that blog entry =/

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