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Second Life - Scripting
Written by Skidz Tweak   
Sunday, 15 March 2009 01:54

If you are a scripter in Second Life, then you most likely use lslEditor. If not, I would suggest you at least give it a shot. Well, one thing that I find a little annoying about the entire process is moving my script in world. I first have to select all, then copy, move over to SL, open the script, wait for it to load, select all, paste it in and finally save it. I swear, it used to take up a large percentage of my dev time.  I went looking for a solution and, not finding one, I made one...sorta.

Using a program named PhraseExpress I put together a script that would do it for me. It is still not the best solution, but I am loving it compared to the old way. So I thought I would share it with the community. 

Install PhraseExpress and go through the
tutorial. It's very good and there are a lot more powerful things you can do with it as well.
Open up the settings by right clicking the icon in system tray and selecting... you guessed it.. "settings".
Right click the PhaseExpress folder and add a New Folder naming it Secondlife.
Right click the Secondlife folder and select New Phrase.

Phrase 1:
Description: Publish to SL
Phrase content:
{#focus LSLEditor 2.39}{#sleep 100}{#CTRL -chars a}{#sleep 100}{#CTRL -chars c}{#sleep 100}{#focus Second Life}{#sleep 100}{#ENTER}{#msgbox -head Waiting to load -text Press space bar when loaded. While waiting check out skidz}{#CTRL -chars a}{#sleep 100}{#CTRL -chars v}{#sleep 100}{#CTRL -chars s}
HotKey: With your cursor in the hotkey drop down press your combination of keys to trigger it. I used alt+shift+p

Now there are a couple things you need to know before you use it. SL and lslEditor must be open. In SL, open the Edit window and go to the Connect tab. Find the script you want to upload and select it by just left clicking once. Then go back to the lslEditor and place your cursor inside the script you want to upload. Now all you need to do is trigger the script. I assigned mine to ctrl+shift+p. When you trigger the script/phrase it will select the lsl script, copy it, change focus to SL and press the enter button opening the script. While the script loads you will get a prompt to press space bar after the script has fully loaded. It will then paste in your script and save it. I didn't make it Close the window just in case there are errors. And if there are, the next script will copy your fix back for you.

Script 2:
Description: SL to LSLEditor
{#focus Second Life}{#CTRL -chars a}{#sleep 100}{#CTRL -chars c}{#sleep 100}{#focus LSLEditor 2.39}{#sleep 100}{#CTRL -chars a}{#sleep 100}{#CTRL -chars v}{#sleep 100}{#CTRL -chars d}{#sleep 100}{#CTRL -chars s}

I imagine I will discover tons of more uses for PhraseExpress in SL. Would be great for classes, or any pre-scripted event. I welcome you all to share your own script/phrases in the comments. :)

Last Updated on Sunday, 12 April 2009 08:32

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