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OpenSim - Walkthru
Written by Skidz Tweak   
Sunday, 22 March 2009 06:26
You having fun on your own OpenSim Grid yet?

Today, in part 3 we will take a quick diversion from the direction we were going and talk about a couple other things. Just mostly solution to problems you might be running into.

Much easier install

If you saw part 1 and 2 and through up your hands at how hard it was, then your in luck. There is actually a much simpler way to get your own OpenSim up and running in minutes. It won't be as robust, and you might have a couple small bugs, but its still very easy, and very simple.

This opensource project "OS Installer " is an up to date, OpenSim install package . It will install and configure everything you need to be up and running in minutes. Download here

So why didn't I use this? Well, this create 1 sim, not in a grid mode, and the database is not robust. But if you don't need or want those things, this is a great solution. I also like to run my fingers through everything, and feel how it all works.

Default appearance

Now you have made it into your OpenSim, and found you can't even change your shape or sex? Well, this happens because the current shape, clothes and ect you are wearing by default is no mod. The solution is really simple, just open your inventory, and click Create/New Body Parts/ and create one of each. Then wear them. You can now right click on yourself and change your appearance.

Your SecondLife Inventory

If your like me, you have tons of things in SL that you would just love to have in your OpenSim. I am trying out an application called Second Inventory which actually backs up your SL inventory, and allows you to restore it in other grids. Now, if you think that your going to be able to steal other people stuff with this, think again. It will only allow you to backup copy/mod/trans items, like stuff you have made. It does have a number of bugs and draw backs, but it is the best solution, and the developer really does appear to making headway. It can even backup nested items really well, but won't restore the objects in objects in objects, but will scripts landmarks, sounds, and so on. Some texture can cause it to just stop as well.

If you find your having an issue backing up an item of yours that should work, stop that current back up, and try backing up that item using "Back up (HD)" by right clicking on the item. As that backup proceeds you will be able to see the details and what it happens to break on... maybe :). I was backing up my TMat with full textures and found 14 in it that were having troubles. I had to log in and delete those 14 textures, and then it was able to back it up.

Hippo Client

The SecondLife Client will work inside of OpenSim but, there is a better client for OpenSim called the Hippo OpenSim Viewer. It has several advantages over the SL client in OpenSim. My favorite is the fact that you can make prims larger than 10 meters long. This is a double edge sword though, because if you build inside OpenSim with the intent of importing your content into SL, then you will not want to use that feature. If this is the case, then in the configureation of your opensim in "opensim.ini" you can restrict the max size of your prims.

To configure your Hippo client to hook up to the grid you made, you need to know the grid nickname, and the ip address of the computer you setup your user server on in part 2. Once you have that, open up the Hippo client and click grids. Click add, then in the login url add "http://THEIPIJUSTTOLDUTHATUNEEDED:8002/" and in the Grid Nickname field add your grid nickname. Now just click get Grid info. Now click the default button to ensure you don't accidental try to login to OSGrid sending your password to them.

Great sources of info on OpenSim

There are tons of great sources for information on Opensim on the web currently.

Mailing list:
Opensim-dev - Should note, there security cert has expired and you will need to add an exception in firefox to get there.
Opensim-users - Same here

Both of these email groups are very active. Both hold wealths of information in there archives as well. I also received replys to from both groups when I emailed questions. I have actually been a subscriber to bother these groups for about 2 years now, and find myself searching my archives very often.

IRC Chat rooms:

I use the MIRC client to connect. Before this, it has been a long while since I have used IRC. Both these rooms were actually very full for a no pirate topic :)
Other OpenSim related projects:

Tons of projects related to OpenSim, including documentation, and even website portals for your grid.

Google: - this site has endless links when you type opensim into the search field :)

Other Grids

There are a bunch of other grids out there today. OpenLife I have tried, as well as OSGrid. You can even hook up your opensim sim to OSGrid, and other grids as well. The Hippo client also has a huge selection of other grids you can hook into. I do have some concerns as for security of scripts in these grids, but will elaborate on these more in the future.


I still have a lot more to cover. In the next part we are going to add more sims to our grid, so subscribe to the RSS feed :)
Last Updated on Sunday, 12 April 2009 08:29

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