OpenSim Walkthru How to run a serious OpenSim at home Part 4

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OpenSim - Walkthru
Written by Skidz Tweak   
Saturday, 28 March 2009 09:24
I have been having tons of fun in my OpenLife Sim. I have been building this huge military bunker, 15 sims up and running with several friends joining me in there daily to play around.
Today we will be talking about getting several sims up and running. If you have followed along in all these tutorials you should have:
MySql box running on Ubuntu server
Windows box running the 5 servers for OpenSim (assets, messaging, grid, ect)
And on that same box your OpenSim.exe is running as well

OpenSim.exe is now running the sims. When you start up OpenSim.exe you can actually start up several sims, and that's what we will explore.

To do this we just need to add a copy a file and edit it a bit, add some rules to the windows firewall, and router and restart OpenSim.exe

So lets get started

Step 1

Go to your OpenSim production folder. In the past I have referred to that director as "c:\OpenSimProd"
Open the folder "Regions"
In there you will find a file named "default.xml" copy it and paste it right back into this folder.
Rename "Copy of Default.xml" to "1001-1000-YOURREGIONNAME.xml"

Note: Regions are laid out in a grid, and the default location for the first sim is 1000,1000.. that's 1000 spots north, and 1000 spots east. When I told you to rename there, we are renaming to the grid location, and displaying the region name, this is a great reference when you have several sims and will make it easy to find each region config file if you need to access it.

Note: Xml files are simple databases. They are used to store small amounts of information very quickly. If you like open this file with our favorite web browser and you can see the hierarchy of the data in this file.

Open your new file in Notepad. We need to make some small changes:

sim_UUID, this has to be a unique. I recommend you go here and generate a unique guid. Copy the value from that site and paste it into your file.
Example: sim_UUID="767422b7-b0bd-4bc3-89a4-fe8e5dd150ab"
sim_name: Give your sim a name, and try to be creative.
sim_location_x & sim_location_y, these values are the location on the grid (see my first note above). Each sim has to have its own spot on the grid.
Several example:These examples would create 8 sims around the default island.
sim_location_x="999" sim_location_y="999"
sim_location_x="999" sim_location_y="1000"
sim_location_x="999" sim_location_y="1001"
sim_location_x="1000" sim_location_y="999"
sim_location_x="999" sim_location_y="1001"
sim_location_x="1001" sim_location_y="999"
sim_location_x="1001" sim_location_y="1000"
sim_location_x="1001" sim_location_y="1001"
internal_ip_port, this need to be unique for each sim. Default sim is 9000, and I moved up from there, but you don't have to. This port could be almost anything from 1025 to 65535. Be sure and remember what you use, or write it down. You will need these port numbers later when we poke some wholes in the router and firewall.
Example: internal_ip_port="9001"

Save your file (Ctrl+s).

Now for each sim you want to make you want to repeat step 1 again. Each sim takes up very little resources actually, I am quite surprised how well they all run.

Step 2

Lets poke the wholes in the firewall.
For windows go to:
Start/control panel/network

Right click network connection and click properties.
Go to the third tab, advance and click the firewall setting button.
Go to the exceptions tab and start adding exceptions for each port you used in your xml files... value internal_ip_port... remember, I told you to remember them! :)
If you plan on opening this up to the world you will need to forward these ports on your router for tcp and udp protocol.

Step 3

Restart OpenSim.exe..

In the OpenSim.exe dos window you need to type the command:

Wait for it to stop then restart it.

Note: If your logged in, and new sims come up on the grid, don't try to go over to them, you need to log out first, then log back in. You should then be able to cross into your new sims.

Wrap it up

That's all there is to it. You now have a real life OpenSim grid up and running with multiple sims.

In the next part I will be talking about how to run your sims on multiple computers, as well as opening your grid up to the world so they can log in.
Last Updated on Sunday, 12 April 2009 08:28

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