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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Monday, 08 August 2011 06:27

BlackHole Assets in Aurora-sim is a new way to handle assets. For more information see BlackHole Assets in Aurora.

This is a technical document on how to enable BlackHole Assets.

BlackHole Assets is implimented in Aurora-Sim current master.

First step

Before you begin, back up your database. Blackhole assets is very new, so, there is a chance something could go wrong, and this helps protect you against any possible issues.

Next To enable blackhole assets change this line in main.ini

"AssetConnector = LocalConnector"
"AssetConnector = LocalConnectorBlackHole"

You must also make changes to the [BlackHole] section
(tip) Use full paths in the cacheDirector, and the BackupCacheDirectory

CacheDirector = "C:\aurora\admin\BHAssets\"
BackupCacheDirector = "C:\aurora\admin\BHAssetsBackup\"
AssetsAreOldAfterHowManyDays = 30

Important notes

Now when you start up Aurora-Sim, it will start using BlackHole assets.
Conversion of old assets to new assets will be done on the fly. You may find for the next week your grids a little slower than normal, but this will pass with time as it finishes the conversion process. To tell if your still converting assets to BlackHole, you can look in the "assets" table in your Aurora-sim database. If records still exist there, then the conversion is still taking place. Because the conversion is done on the fly, you also might want to start up a larger grid, slowly at first, just to ensure you don't overwhelm the grid server with all that needs to be converted. I waited 60 second between each region starting for a total of 138 regions. 

There is also two region commands added to help you optimise your regions, I would recommend using assets optimise, after the completion of assets conversion to BlackHole....

  • assets optimise - changes all the textures to the first text with the same fingerprint
  • assets details - list the top 10 largest textures on the region, and gives you details like the total number of mb of texture downloads on a region.

Last Updated on Monday, 08 August 2011 06:57


0 #1 Skidz Tweak 2011-08-08 07:00
I wanted to add to this a big thanks to Aurora-sim. While this sounds like a very complex project, if Aurora-sim code was not so well organized and layed out, I wouldn't have been able to pull this off.

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