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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Thursday, 02 September 2010 06:35


Written by: Skidz Tweak & Alayna Hutson


The beauty of fire brought to Second Life. Whether you're drawn to its intoxicating dance of light, or the warmth that surrounds you in the dark night, everyone loves a good fire. This fire has a unique design, is one-of-a-kind in SL, and turned out better than I could ever hope for.





►   Unique fire design

►   Dynamic sit log, rezzes a log up when needed

►   Marshmallow stick included (transferable)

►   Easy-to-use menus

►   Lots of extras that bring the fire to life

►   Four custom animations

►   Looks awesome!



1. Select the Skidz Partz - Fire Pit box from your inventory and drag it to the ground.

2. When you drop this out on the group you will receive a group invite for the "Skidz Isle Mentors" group.

3. Right click the box and choose Open from the pie menu.

4. Click the blue "Copy to Inventory" button to move the contents from the box to a new folder in your inventory.

5. You will find it in "Skidz Partz - Fire Pit (Boxed)" folder. It will have a version number as well.


Congratulations! You have successfully unpacked the Skidz Partz Fire Pit.


Getting Started

Drop the object "Skidz Partz - Fire Pit" onto the ground. A log will rez that you can sit on. You can click the fireplace to get a menu (see below for details)


Main Menu

►   Skidz Partz - This menu provides navigation options to join the Skidz Isle Mentors group, view Skidz Tweak's Twitter, videos, blog, and website, and visit Gridaverse, Skidz Isle Sandbox, and our main stores.

►   Add Wood - After lighting your fire and enabling the "Burn Down" option under Burn Type, you can click Add Wood to keep your fire alive. Your wood will burn for about twenty minutes before it needs more wood.

►   Light Fire - Start your fire burning.

►   Options - Here you can enable/disable chatter for your Fire Pit, set the smoke life of your fire, and change the burn type (Forever or Burn Down).

►   Put Out Fire - Extinguish your fire slowly. It should take about 60 seconds for the fire to go out.

►   Help - View the many available means of getting help with your Fire Pit.

►   Rez Sit Log - Generates a sit log that once occupied will rez additional logs for your friends.


Sit Log Menus

When you sit down on your log, you will be prompted with, "Touch me to change pose. Say /1a to Adjust."

Your Sit Log has a four unique sit animations. To change between them, touch your log. RoastMarsh automatically gives you a stick with a marshmallow on it. be sure to accept and wear it to get the full effect of the animation.

Saying "/1a" in public chat will open a dialog menu that will allow you to reposition yourself on the log.

In the Position Adjust menu, X+ brings you towards the fire while X- will move you away, Y+ will move you to the left while Y- will move you to the right (assuming you are starting at your back), and Z+ will move you up while Z- will move you down. Use the ++ or -- buttons if you need more repositioning than + or - provide you with.

In the Rotation Adjust menu, X+ tip you to the right while X- will tip you left (assuming you are starting at your back), Y+ will rotate your forward while Y- will rotate you backward, and Z+ will swivel you left while Z- will swivel you right. Use the ++ or -- buttons if you need more repositioning than + or - provide you with.

If you need to reset your position to the default, ignore the current menu and type /1a to reinitialize the Adjustment menu. Click Reset Pos to reset position only, Reset Rot to reset rotation only, or Reset Both to reset both at the same time.


Extras & TIps

If your Sit Logs stop being generated you can use "Rez Sit Log" to rez one.



Q. Why aren't there any questions here about the Fire Pit?

A. We haven't been asked any yet. :)


What you need to know about Skidz Partz

Skidz Partz has been bringing you unique tools and design in SL since 2006. Started by Skidz Tweak he aimed to bring unique, top quality, low lag, well scripted and designed items into Second Life with top notch support. And secondary goal of improving Second Life through education and other public services. He designed several popular top rated tools including the Skidz/TNT Primz, and the TMat Organizer. He brought the first ever comprehensive building tools into Second Life with the Skidz Primz, and was the first to design Drag and Drop linked prims in the TMat Organizer. Always pushing the boundaries of SL in his products. Skidz pushed forward with his Secondary goals by supporting and sponsoring a number of free public educational services, sandboxes, and much much more including Skidz’ own sandbox, Skidz Isle, which has become a mecca for skilled designers and builders in Second Life. With help from friends Skidz Partz has become a very large part of what Second Life is today. So please help Support Skidz Partz. Drop your friends a landmark to Skidz Isle, and tell them they need to check it out. Or add it as a pick in your profile. By doing so your not only supporting honest hard working Individuals, your supporting the future Second Life.

For customer support, please contact Skidz Tweak or Alayna Hutson.

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/  / |_|\_|_|__ |\  \ 
_/ Tweak           \_\


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