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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Sunday, 08 November 2009 11:22
Big board is yet another board to display messages. So what sets this one apart from all the others?

It only uses ONE script, and it's incredibly easy to use!

The Big Board comes with two sizes, and can be unlinked, "added to"/"removed from" and relinked as well. Change the color and text of each line in just seconds.


  • Only one script, no notecards
  • Comes with two sizes
  • 1600 characters version
  • 400 characters version
  • Copyable
  • Slide show background image
  • Click drag color change like on the TNT Primz
  • Add more characters to it
  • Remove more characters from it
  • Click line to change it
  • Double click line to change color


1. Select the Big Board box from your inventory and drag it to the ground; you'll receive an invite to "Skidz Isle Mentors".
2. Right click the box and choose Open from the pie menu.
3. Click the blue "Copy to Inventory" button to move the contents from the box to a new folder in your inventory.
4. You will find it in your "Skidz Partz - Big Board (Boxed)" folder. It will have a version number as well.

Note: If you own an Ultra Inventory Server, and you're on the same region as it, the box will prompt you to back up your items into the Ultra Inventory Server as well. To do this just choose the Ultra Inventory Server from the dialog and give it permissions.

Congratulations! You have successfully unpacked the Big Board.

Getting Started

Using it:
Drop out your Big Board onto the ground.

Change a line's text:
1. Touch the line you want to change the text on
Aligning text:
If you want the text to align left, click the first text prim on the row
If you want the text to align right, click the last text prim on the row
If you want the text to align center, click a text prim between the frist and last text prims on that row
2. Say the text to display

Note: If you click a line by mistake, you can say "cancel" to cancel changing the line. It will also timeout after 60 seconds.

Change a color:
1. Double click the line you want to change the color on
2. Choose a color by touching the new color prim

Note: You can click and drag to change colors as well. The color menu will timeout after 60 seconds.

Change the background:
1. Drag textures you would like to appear as the background into Big Board's content tab.
2. Change the description to a number that represents the number of seconds to wait before switching to the next image.

Add more text:
In a nutshell you need to unlink your bug board. Add or remove text prims, ensure they are named correctly, and relink.

1. Right click edit the Big Board you wish to modify
2. Hit Ctrl+Shift+L to unlink it
3. Copy the text prims to add more text, or delete some to remove text
4. Ensure the new text prims are named correctly. The naming convention goes like this "skidxyz-ROW#-COLUMN#"
Note: Row and column both start at 0
Row means the horizontal position of the text, the first line of text being 0
Column means the vertical position of the text, the first line of text being 0
The first prim on the default BigBoard layout, is skidxyz-0-0
The last prim on the default layout is skidxyz-9-3
If you want to add another line of text: left prim is skidxyz-10-0, center prims are skidxyz-10-1 and skidxyz-10-2, right is skidxyz-10-3
5. Relink it ensuring the background is the root prim (make it the last thing you highlight)
6. Right click and edit Big Board and in the click select Tools/Reset script in selected
7. Test it
8. All done

If you find while testing it one of the prims is not displaying text you will want to ensure you got that prim's name correct


Q. This is such a simple product, will you be able to come up with some FAQ before release?
A. I don't think so.

For customer support, please contact Skidz Tweak or Alayna Hutson.

___| |/ (_) _| |___
(_-<| < | | _ |>-_/
/ / |_|\_|_|__ |\ \
_/ Tweak \_\
Last Updated on Sunday, 08 November 2009 11:26

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