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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Tuesday, 28 July 2009 11:17
Skidz Partz - Cloud Sim
***CONGRATULATIONS** on finding the Cloud Sim!
Get a sim that floats just over the clouds. Incredible effect.
What is it?
This is a specially crafted sim Raw image file that makes the sim appear to float just over the tops of the clouds.

• Your land will sit high in the air (245 meters up)
• Has 4 flaps that appear to hang over the edge of the sim
• Small rim along the edge help prevent people from falling off
• Can easly use the land tools to edit after applied
• Looks Magical

Getting Started
Set out the Skidz Partz - Cloud Sim (boxed). Right click it and choose "Open" from the pie menu. 
When you see the list of contents finish loading, click the blue button that says, "Copy Contents to Inventory." 
You will now find the "Skidz Partz - Cloud Sim (boxed)" contents in your inventory.
How to download the Raw file:
1. Open the notecard named "Skidz Partz - Cloud Sim Download" notecard
2. In there you will find a URL to down a ziped copy of the RAW file
3. Copy the URL into your browser and download the file
4. Unzip the RAW file inside the zip

How to apply it to your sim
1. Open World/Region Estate
2. Go to the "Terrian" tab
3. Click "Upload RAW Terrian"
4. Choose the RAW file you extracted from the zip you downloaded
5. If you can't upload the terrian you may need to contact the sim owner and have them upload it.

Permissions for use
1. You have permission to use this on Second Life or Opensim
2. Do not share this file with others
3. You can share this file with your sim owner so they may uploaded it

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 July 2009 11:20

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