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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Tuesday, 14 April 2009 13:43
The Skidz Partz View Finder is quick and easy to set up! It works as a perfect anchor for visitors to look at scenery. The View Finder has a realistic style and even has a unique pose to position viewers in the peering position. It's a perfect accent to any tourist area or perfect view.
  1. Begin by unpacking the View Finder from the box.
  2. Drop the View Finder out onto the ground where you want it.
    • It will check for updates at this time
  3. Change the description, it will be set to the floating text
  4. Touch the view find and from the menu, choose "Camera Pos".
  5. Answer "Yes" to allow it to track your camera.
  6. You will see a red square with a red frame. Notice the "Set Viewfinder Cam" on the textured frame.
  7. Aim the camera as desired and touch the red square in the center of your view; if you can't touch it, zoom out until you can.
  8. Once touched, the view will be set. Sit on the View Finder to see the view you just set up.
  9. Stand up and let your visitors take a look!
  10. Please note that the view is not limited to the set camera position. Visitors can still move their cameras around.

When you sit on the View Finder, and press "Esc" to release your camera control, you will see an eye mask. 
The eye mask can be customized. You can touch it to change between all the texture inside the prim. So to change it, just touch it. 
You can place text in the notecard named "Read this when soemone sits" located inside the View Finder. This text is read privately to the avatar using the View Finder.

This is an unsupported feature:
You can download the PSD I used to create the eye mask, and make your own if you like at
Please share custom ones you make (with skidz Tweak) and I will include them in the next update.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 April 2009 16:25

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