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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 13:57
The Nada Rezzer works like other ZERO Prim rezzers and will take up only one prim on your land... but it's better, and more powerful! With the Nada Rezzer, you will not see any flashes of objects disappearing and reappearing like all the others do. You can place several objects in one Nada Rezzer and have it rez some or all of them. It's completely menu driven, with wizards that walk you through the setup of new objects to rez.

How to Use
1. Drop the "Skidz Partz - Nada Rezzer" out
2. Position it where you would like it
3. Place the objects you want to be in the rezzer out, and where you would like them; remember, there is a 96 meter limit in distance from the rezzer
4. Open your inventory
5. Touch the "Skidz Partz - Nada Rezzer"
6. Choose "Rez Script" from the menu
7. Drag the script it just gave you into one of the times you want to use
8. Follow instructions of the wizard that starts up

Repositioning Objects
If you move an object being rezzed, it will ask you if you would like to keep the new position. If you choose Yes, it will turn invisible and ask you to use Tools/Save object back to object context (this saves changes back to the Nada Rezzer).

Choose On - Allows you to select individual objects to be turned on or off
Options - Lots of different options for the Nada Rezzer
All On - Turns everything on
All Off - Turns everything off
Hide - Makes the Nada Rezzer invisible
Show - Makes the Nada Rezzer visible
Rez Script - Gives you a script you can drop in your objects to use in the Nada Rezzer
Help - Get a copy of the ReadMe, watch movies on the Nada, Web page, contact, and so on
Skidz Partz - Lots of useful links to Skidz Partz information

Spin - You can make object spin when rezzed. You can control direction, & speed
Chat - You can get the nada rezz not to be so chatty
Rez Speed - Fast or Slow... Slow is default, and causes much less lag, but in some cases fast can be better
Rez Type - Normal or Temp... Normal means you save no prims at all. It will rez the items one time, and stop
Perms - You now can give permissions for Group, All, or just yourself to turn on off the Nada Rezzer
Sensor - When the sensor is on it will not rez anything when noone is around. You can define the distance here as well.

2.0 Notes
The update has provided fixes to a couple of issues that were causing some minor frustrations with users. 

Sitting on Items:
Previously, users could not sit on objects rezzed by a Nada Rezzer for more than 60 seconds. This occurred as the original copy would disappear and a new one rezzed in its place. Skidz has devised a way around this and integrated it into the Nada Rezzer 2.0.

Phantom Objects:
The Nada Rezzer used to remove the phantom status of objects that were set to phantom before being placed in the unit. This issue has been fixed and all phantom objects placed in a Nada Rezzer will remain so.

Transparencies have been a bit of a challenge to work around. As it was originally, transparencies would be removed upon being rezzed by the Nada Rezzer. In 2.0, transparencies on the root prim will work. You may wish to alter your objects to work around this if your intended contents use transparencies.

The New Channel 
Skidz has integrated a channel that can be used to rez objects contained in your Nada Rezzer. This channel can be used as a shortcut to rez objects or as a feature you can use in development or with other applications. The latter is geared towards advanced users.

See the object "Skidz Partz - Nada Rezzer 2.0 API Demoer" for an example

To use the channel, simply type the following commands in regular chat. (Object Name) is where you insert the name of your object without the parentheses/brackets.

To begin rezzing the object:
/456468 ON (Object Name)

If you want to use the nada rezzer for a vendor you might be missing an item out of the rezzer, and because of that I added a feature, that if you ask it to rez an object that does not exist, and you pass in some texture information, it will rez the DefaultObject, and apply the texture that was passed in. Example:

To stop rezzing the object:
/456468 OFF (Object Name)

There is also the command "ALLON", "ALLOFF"

Q. I saw the objects flash when I was turning some on. Is that normal?
A. You might see that. The timing gets changed when you turn on other items to rez.

Q. I still see an object disappear for a split second every now and then. What gives?
A. Yea, that can't be helped. SL hiccups sometimes.

Q. How many diffrent objects can you place in a rezzers?
A. I would not do more than 20. You can combine objects by selecting more than one object at a time when you load up the Nada Rezzer.
Q. Can I have more than one out at a time?
A. Yes, but you will not want them right next to eachother. The object to be rezzed needs to be closer to the one that will rez it than the others.

Q. Does this take up a lot of resources?
A. Not near as many as you would think. I time everything out so each function is spread out over a 45 second time period. What does take up some resources is the rezzing of the objects. The higher the amount of prims, the more you will notice, but it's really not all that bad.

Q. I click rez all, and nothing is happening. Is this a problem?
A. It can take up to 45 sec to rez up everything when using rez all. The reason is just to reduce resources. You don't want to rez everything at the exact same time.

Last Updated on Thursday, 25 June 2009 09:03

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