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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 13:56
 Platform generator
- rezzes 5 different default sizes of platforms
- rezzes 5 different default parcel sizes up to a full sim
- land mode will rez a platform perfectly over your land
- instant teleportation to 5 different default heights
- create any number of walls to any height
- create several floors and ceilings
- apply your own textures to your rezzed surfaces instantly
- platforms rez around separate parcels
- auto-healing feature
- transport for up to five people
- de-rez button allows you to quickly remove structures
- futuristic design with simple controls

How to Generate a Platform
1. From your inventory pull out your "Skidz Partz - Platform Generator" and drop it on the ground
2. Get in it and sit down on one of the seats (wait for any friends too)
3. On the main control panel there are three tabs on the left; touch Altitide
4. Choose the height you would like to build your platform at. You will instantly move to that height
5. Now touch the "Platform" tab and choose the size you would like your platfrom would be
6. Wait for the platform to finish rezzing
7. Now if you wish to change the size of it, you can delete some of them. Delete a center one to create a column
8. Now touch the "Misc" tab
9. From here you can texture the build, create walls, or ceilings by touching the button
10 . If you mess up, or finish just click Derez to remove it all

How to Add Your own Textures
1. Right click and edit the "Skidz Partz - Platform Generator"
2. Go to the Content Tab
3. Drag your own textures into the Content Tab
4. You will now find those textures in the texture browser found in the "Misc" Tab

About Each Tab
Instantly send the platform rezzer from the ground to 175m, 300m, 525m, 700m, and back. 
The Say option is not currently functional, but will allow you to tell the platform rezzer how high to go in the future.
Touch controls make your ascents and descents fast and simple.
Graphic details about what kind of things you might see up at these heights if you were this high in real life.

Generate a platform based on perimeters or square meters.
20x20, 40x40, 80x80, 128x128, 250x250
512m, 1024m, 4096m, 16384m, 66536m
Land rezzes over entire land etching out subdivided parcels and parcels not owned by user
DeRez button will remove the platform
Skidz Partz button will give you all the landmarks to the Skidz Partz stores

Walls - rezzes walls around platform
Ceiling - rezzes ceiling
Finish - removes all the scripts from the building to save on sim resources
Help - opens this document
Skidz Partz Logo - opens the Skidz Partz web page

Texture Section
    Texture arrows - move in both direction to browse the textures you added
    Walls - texture the walls with the current texture
    Floor - texture the floor with the current texture
    Ceiling - texture the Ceiling with the current texture

Some of my walls are not rezzing.

    You could have half of your platform prim hanging over on someone else's land that prevents the wall from rezzing. I did my best to try and stop this but found no way to really do it.
        1. Derez it
        2. Rez up the platform floor again
        3. Delete the floors where the walls would not appear
        4. Rez up your wall now
How can I made myself the creator?

    I didn't make this with that in mind. Its just a platform generator for non-permanent structures like skyboxes to use as a base to build on.
    It can be done, but it is not simple. Please don't attempt this if you think you will break it. 
        1. Take out the object "::PlatFormRezer" that is inside of the "Skidz Partz - Platform Generator"
        2. Make two copies of it so you can put the one back in case you mess up
        2. Inside this object is the object "PlatformFloor10". This is the floor prim
        3. Inside "PlatformFloor10" is the roof prim and wall prim
        4. Take the scripts out of each of these and place them into one of your prims
        5. Rebuild the object  "::PlatFormRezer" with all your new prims
        6. Drop that back into the "Skidz Partz - Platform Generator"
Be sure to check out the website: if you didn't find the answer to your question in your document. You may find the answer there instead.
Last Updated on Friday, 10 April 2009 15:56

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