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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 13:48
Level your land with an easy drag of your mouse!

The Skidz Dozer System comes with 2 Tools each in 3 sizes to help you make your land the way you want it.
The first tool is  "Skidz Dozer Level"

        Comes in 3 sizes
        This raises or lowers the land to its current level. 
            1. Place on of the "Skidz Dozer Level" onto your land. Move it where you want to raise or lower the land
            2. Advanced option:
                    Use Shift Drag to Copy them move all over the place to make out the shape you want on your land
            3. Touch them
            4. Wait while you land moves up to all of them
            5. Advanced option:
                    Go over the land with a smooth brush while they are still running (Build window/Land)
            6. Touch them to stop and delete them
The second tool "Skidz Moving Dozer"
        Comes in 3 sizes
        This tool will move in the direction the red arrow is pointed. You can point it in any direction
            1. Place on of the "Skidz Dozer Level" onto your land
            2. Point the red arrow in the direction you want it to travel
                    Tip: It can be any direction but strait up or strait down
            3. Touch it to start it moving.
            4. Watch it carefully, don't wnat it going to far
            5. Touch it to stop it.
            6. Done
        Tip: You can change the rotation of it as its going

Easy sculpting tip: Drop out several Dozers. If you would like to create a nice, gradual slope, line them up and leave one up at the top, graduating the rest lower until you reach the bottom. Use the SL Smooth tool to go over your land. You'll see your slope!

Last Updated on Sunday, 12 April 2009 13:21

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