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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 13:46
Map Your Friends Around the Globe
You no longer need six watches to accurately track your friend's timezones! The World Map Buddy is a resizeable tool which allows you to mark off points with push pins that will display your friend's information.
Stop counting time differences on your fingers and get the big picture--the big picture of the world with push pins! The World Map Buddy!
?   beautiful world map texture
?   map is resizable to fit your space
?   displays your friends' names with optional locations
?   location field may be used for a special message
?   option for your friends to share their timezone
?   green push pin for online, red for offline, blue for on same sim as you
?   permissions to add pins: owner, group, all
?   maximum of 246 push pins
?   pins display your friend's profile pictures
?   very light on sim resource use
To add push pins:
1. Touch the world map on your location; you will be prompted for more information
2. Choose which information to add; you will be prompted until you ignore or click Finish
• City Name can be used to record location or a special message, said in chat
• Time provides you with a + or - to click in the prompt until your current time is set
• Pic allows you to use your profile picture as the head of the pin (used by default)
3. To adjust the tilt, click Tilt from the prompt and click the arrows that appear on the pin;
click the center of the pin "Done" to finish the process
4. To adjust the position, click Map Pos from the prompt and touch the desired map location
4. Click Finish to complete your pin
When properly configured, the push pins will display the information and be colored green if the person is online or red if the person is offline. Pins are blue if the person is on the same sim as you.
Push pins are automatically linked to your World Map Buddy.
To delete push pins:
1. Edit your World Map Buddy and look at the Edit window
2. Check the Edit linked option found at the left side of the window above the tabs
3. Click on the push pin you would like to delete; ensure the map is no longer highlighted
4. Press delete on your keyboard or right click the pin and choose delete
Options and Permissions
To access additional controls, touch the map after adding a pin. You will receive a prompt with additional options.
Join Group
Click this button to receive an invitation to the Skidz Isle Mentors Group.
My Pin
Click this button to be prompted about your pin. You can change all the settings provided upon setup.
Click this button to obtain more information about Skidz Partz and Skidz Partz products.
Pin Type
Click this button to choose the type of pins to use. Type 1 is the classic pushpins. Type 2 is a standard cylinder.
Click this button to access various ways to get help with your World Map Buddy from videos to documentation.
Coming Soon!
Owner sets permissions to allow only you to add pins
Group sets permissions to allow group members to add pins. The World Map Buddy must be set to this group and members must have the group active to work.
All sets permissions to allow anyone to add pins
Pins added by others use the same setup options as what the owner sees.
Important Notes
* Do not use Shift-Drag to copy your World Map Buddy as this causes issues.
* Push pins may be resized and textured, but not differently colored.
See "How to change default pin size"
* Other uses for the City Name field could be job title, type of work the person is involved in, or the date you met him/her.
* Push pins may only be deleted by the owner or friends of the owner that have been granted edit permissions.
See "To delete push pins" above.
* In the pin Menu it is best to click "Finished" when you are done editing a pin.
This help eliminate cross talk when the owner is editing several pins.
Otherwise you could end up with several menu dialogs.
How to change default pin size
The default push pin can be resized so the pin comes out the size you want.
But keep in mind that the process has to be done quickly:
1. Edit your World Map Buddy and click the Content tab
2. Drag the WorldMapPin1 object from the Contents to your inventory
3. Drop the WorldMapPin1 object to the ground
4. IMMEDIATELY reset the scripts to prevent the pin from disappearing
5. Modify the pin as you wish; you only have five minutes to do this due to the script
6. Take your modified WorldMapPin1 object into your inventory
7. Edit your World Map Buddy and go to the Content tab; delete the original WorldMapPin1
8. Drag your modified pin from your inventory and into your World Map Buddy Contents
For customer support, please contact Skidz Tweak or Alayna Hutson.
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(_-<|   <   |   |  _ |>-_/
/  / |_|\_|_|__ |\  \
_/ Tweak           \_\
Last Updated on Friday, 11 June 2010 16:01

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