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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 13:25
The TMat Texture Organizing System is the best way to cheer you up out of your texture blues. Not only will you clear your inventory of idle folders full of textures, but you'll do it quickly and efficiently. Think about having all your textures and Sounds in properly sorted folders without any duplicates! That's just one of the few things the Skidz Partz TMat infused Texture Organizing System will help you accomplish! And new with 3.0, use your TMat to organize your animations.
►   NEW!! drag and drop your Textures/Other items to folders to organize them
►   NEW!! animation support
►   NEW!! syncs with the Ultra Inventory Server
►   NEW!! integration into the TNT Primz
►   NEW!! works with no trans items
►   auto-resizes for use on the ground or as a HUD
►   search by name, creator, or key
►   minimize button to hide it when not in use
►   remembers its spot at every HUD position (minimized and maximized)
►   easily drop and display your textures
►   13 folders you can name and rename for outstanding organization (add more if you want)
►   easy create share boxes
►   share boxes record the last place you unpacked them
►   displays up to 25 textures at once
►   sculpty display support
►   double click an item brings up bring up larger view or pose stand
►   special effects show texture movement
►   check for duplicate textures (works with 1000s and 1000s items)
►   copyable for your convenience
►   transfer textures from objects to your TMat with the unpack script
►   permissions detection to grab no modify and no copy textures 
►   change the background color to show contrast
►   view texture repeats eg. 1x1 or 4x1
►   quickly view details about a texture (permissions, creator, more)
►   two levels of permissions (Organize, Browse)
►   allow a group or anyone to take textures
►   allow a group or anyone to organize your textures
►   customized read me for each permission level
►   you can share your textures with all TMat owners
►   custom Blue, Skull, Industrial, and Comic themes
►   script deactivation when not in uses lowering sim resources down to almost nothing 0.002
►   exclusive membership into the ::Skidz TMat Texture Organizer Group
►   create an exact clone of your TMat as a back up for your work
►   use your TMat to organize your sounds
►   play-on-touch for your sounds
►   loop your sounds for an ambience preview
Advanced Features:
►   Modify the TMat to have as many folders as you like
►   Create your own themes
1. Select the TMat Texture Organizing System box from your inventory and drag it to the ground.
2. When you drop this out on the group you will receive a group invite for the "::Skidz TMat Textures Organizer Group". 
3. Right click the box and choose Open from the pie menu.
4. Click the blue "Copy to Inventory" button to move the contents from the box to a new folder in your inventory.
5. You will find it in "Skidz Partz - TMat (Boxed)" folder. It will have a version number as well.
6. IMPORTANT: Your TMat is not copiable at this point. Drop it out immediately and right click/More>/Take Copy to fix this.

Congratulations! You have successfully unpacked the TMat Texture Organizing System.
Getting Started
Drop out the "Skidz Partz - TMat" Texture Organizing System. Keep in mind that you are unable to add textures or sounds while wearing the system as a HUD.

If you care to, this would be the perfect time to rename your "Skidz Partz - TMat" to something more meaningful for yourself. If you have over 10,000 textures, you might want to consider having a TMat for every category you can think of to better serve you.

You will notice 25 textures that display various descriptions of the buttons. Become familiar with these descriptions. Afterwards, you can delete them. Do this by touching Folder 1. You will receive a dialog box with a number of options. Click Delete, and then choose Display. The textures will move from the folder to the trash, freeing up Folder 1 for you. 

Add Textures, Sounds or Animations!
1. Right click the system and choose Edit from the pie menu.
2. The Edit window will have popped up. 
    If you don't currently see the five tabs, click the More>> button. Click on the Content Tab.
3. Open your inventory alongside the Edit window. 
4. Locate and select the textures/sounds you want to put into the system. 
    Use Shift to select multiple textures/sounds/animations in a row and Ctrl to select multiple textures/sounds at random.
    Items must have the permissions of copy, and modify
5. Drag your selection into the Content Window of the TMat Texture Organizing System. 
    Depending on how many you add, you may wait a while for the textures or sounds to be detected. 
6. Once you're done adding your textures/sounds/animations, Close the Edit window and wait for a text prompt. 
    Click on the folder icon where you'd like to place the textures or sounds. 
    They will be moved into that particular folder.

Note:  Do not put regular textures, sculpty textures, and sounds in the same folder. Folders need to have the appropriate type applied to properly display the contents.

You have placed textures, animations or sounds into your TMat Texture Organizing System. You can now navigate through them by using the Next and Prev arrows at the far left and right sides of the system. If you have finished adding textures or sounds, you can now wear the system as a HUD.

You can also use the "Unpack Script" to migrate your textures/sounds from other organizers, or packages you have made or purchased. Just click the Main menu button then "Unpack Script" from the dialog. It will give you a script you can drop in any object to move the contents to the TMat or your inventory. 

A Helpful Hint: It's a good idea to have a "game plan" before taking on the massive job of sorting out your texture collection. Try tackling one theme at a time. For example, name a folder "Brick" then search your inventory for textures that have "brick" in their names. Deposit your brick textures into the system and have them placed into your Brick folder. You'll save a lot of time compared to selecting and moving texture after texture.

IMPORTANT: Due to Second Life limitations, textures, sounds, and animations need to have copy and mod permissions to be detected by the TMat. A text prompt will alert you in the event a texture or sound doesn't have full permissions. If you find that not all your textures show up in your folders, edit the TMat and see if any of your items are "caught" in the Content tab. You will have to move these back to your inventory manually.
Main Menu
The Main Menu is accessed using the icon on the top left side. By default, it is a picture of a screw driver. Clicking this icon will bring up a dialog box with the following options: Join Group, Unpack Scri, Permissions, Minimize, and Help. Please be advised that all dialogs will time out after 60 seconds.

►   "Clone" allows you to make an exact replica of your TMat for backup purposes. With the way Second Life has been encountering asset server issues, it was an important addition to the TMat's functions. To clone your TMat, drop out a new TMat nearby. Click the Clone button when you're ready and click any folder on the new TMat as if you were adding contents. A perfect replica of your TMat will be created. Although it is entirely optional, it's recommended that you do use the Clone function after you've added your desired contents. 

►   "Join Group" sends you an invitation to the ::Skidz TMat Texture Organizer Group. This group is designed as a tool for people to share their textures. Please read the charter and Terms of your Membership notecard.

►   "Unpack Scri" button will send you an Unpack Script that is designed to send your boxed textures/sounds right to your TMat. Simply place the box within 20m of the TMat, right click the box, and place the script in the Content Tab window. Touch the box to receive a prompt, and then click the "To TMat" option. The textures will be deposited into your TMat System for you.

►   "Sync Ultra Inv" If you have an Ultra Inventory Server, you can syncronise your TMat with the Ultra Inventory Server. Before you do this, you should name your TMat, any Folders, and Ultra Inventory Server. This will provide a much better experience in the future. When you click this, it will take a moment to gather a list of Ultra Inventory Servers Version 1.31 or greater on the same region. You will get a dialog listing them out to you numbered. Choose the Ultra Inventory Server to sync with. The Ultra Inventory Server will ask for permissions from you and you should select Grant. It will then start the synchronisation process which can take some time (1.1 sec per item average).

►   "Permissions" allows you to set who is able to use your TMat. There are two sets of permissions: 
   Browse and Organize. 

               "Browse" permissions can give others the ability to browse and get textures/sounds 
                from the organizer.  

               You may restrict use to only yourself (by default/revokes previous permissions), the group that 
               your TMat is set to, or allow anyone to use it. For more details, refer to the Skidz Partz - TMat Regular 
               Permissions ReadMe.

                "Organize" permissions can give others the ability to do almost everything you can as the owner. 
                You may restrict use to only yourself (by default/revokes previous permissions), the group that your 
                TMat is set to, or allow anyone to use it.

►   "Minimize" allows you to make the TMat shrink down into a small icon for when you're not using it. After it is minimized, you must touch the leftover object to maximize it again. Note: it will still use up the same amount of prims while it is minimized, and it will automatically minimize after being idle for one hour. If you want to disable this, edit your maximized TMat, make sure to enable Edit linked parts, and edit the frame around the texture display. Delete "RemoveMeToStopAutoMinimize" and it will be disabled.

►   "Options" allows to make some quick change some small ways the TMat works

►   "Chat" allows you to make your TMat shut up. 
   Great for when your organizing your textures on the dance floor.

►   "Themes" allows you to change the theme of your TMat. There are several to choose from.

►   "Color" changes the background color behind the textures being displayed.
   After you choose this your folders will change colors. Choose one of the colors.

►   "Slide Show" allows you to change the amount of time between the slide change 
   when running the slideshow.

►   "Repeats" allows you to make your TMat more compact when viewing repeated textures.

►   "Display Names" allows you to turn on the names above the folders all the time.

►   "Volume" allows you to adjust the volume of your TMat when previewing sounds.
   Warning, SUPER really is loud.

►   "Help" will provide you with a number of options: 

                  Under Skidz Partz, you will find various buttons to access additional information about the company. 
                  Movies will give you a link to our website to check out our video. 
                  Update will check for updated versions of the TMat system. 
                  Contact will tell you who to contact in case you encounter problems with the TMat.
                  About will give you a notecard containing general information and a version history.
                  Web will give you a link to the website for the TMat.
Thumbnails are the tiny boxes (25 of them) that display your textures. There are many ways to interact with these. Each content type displays a specific menu for that content type which includes Give, Slideshow and Done. In all cases you can use the next and prev buttons to move between thumbnails.

General controls for all item types
►   Clicking once will select an item
►   Clicking and dragging a selected thumbnail over a folder moves it to that folder
►   Click and hold for a second then release bring up the items details (name, permissions current and next, creator profile detials, more)
►   Double clicking will do different things depending on the content type being displayed. 

"Texture" displays a large view of this texture.
►   The menu will allow you to see the texture repeated (see repeat menu under folder)

"Sounds" displays a large view of the sounds icon.
►   The menu allows you to play the sound, loop the sound, or stop all sounds

"Animations" displays a pose stand to sit on.
►   The menu allows you to play animations again, apply sits, and other common animations as well

"Sculpties" Displays a larger version of the sculpty. Some shapes will give you different effects 
►   Menu allows you to apply other shapes to that sculpty than the default to see how they will look.
The Folders themselves are the upper hand you get working with the Skidz Partz TMat Texture Organizing System. It's important to know that the folders are capable of much more than just storage.

When you load your textures or sounds into the TMat system, you are asked to touch the folder you'd like to place them into. Once located in a folder, you can subject your textures/sounds to various functions by using the Folder Menu. This menu is accessed by touching a selected folder containing textures or sounds. 

You can tell a folder has contents inside by the icon that represents it. An empty folder is a lighter blue with a very small grid-like pattern. A folder with contents is slightly darker than an empty one, but it has an abstract checkerboard pattern to it. A selected folder is a red version of the empty folder.

Touching a selected folder will give you another menu. This is your Folder Menu. All the options you need to get organized are right at your finger tips.

►   "Share" is used to create a share box. This is completely automated when you decide whether to share the selected contents, the textures on Display, or the entire Folder. Once you have made your selection, you can select other contents, switch which contents are on display, or navigate to another folder and add those contents to the same share box. Follow the text prompts, naming the share box via the Edit window. Once you're happy with what you've shared, you can take the box and give it to others. If you are so inclined, you can also drop the box to TMat Telling so your textures can be distributed in our sharing group. PLEASE READ THE TERMS OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOTECARD FOR IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT INFORMATION.

►   "Give" enables you to give yourself the contents that you either have Selected, that are in the Display screen, or you can receive the entire Folder. This is the option you will want to use once you've completed your sorting so that your organized collection can reside in your inventory.

►   "Folder Type" allows you to tell the folder what the contents of the folder are. You have three choices:

                "Textures" is the default and will display contents as textures. 
                "Sculpties" displays the contents as sculpties.
                "Sounds" displays the contents as speaker icons that play the contents on touch.
Note: When changing folder types, complete the change, click on a different folder, then click on the folder you changed the type of. Switching sculpties or textures to sounds will have no effect and cause the textures to disappear until the appropriate folder type is applied again.

►   "Custom" provides you with a couple of the different options. First, you can change the name of the folder that is currently selected. Simply click Name, and then wait for the text prompt in chat. Type the name you'd like the folder to have. 

                "BackGrd Col" (Background Color) is used to change the background color of the TMat so you 
                can see contrast with your textures. When you click this option, the folders, search, and trash 
                bin will turn into color swatches. Simply touch any of the colors and it will be applied to the 
                background of the display. After making your selection, the icons will return to normal.

                Themes allows you to choose from four different icon collections for the buttons. Simply make 
                your selection. Available themes are Skull, Industrial, Comic, and Blue (default).

►   "Move" is used to relocate your textures/sounds to different folders. As always, you can move what you select, the contents on Display, or the entire Folder contents. Once you have made your selection, choose to move the a different folder. The move is automatic once you have made this final choice. Note: Clicking to move the contents to another TMat won't work as a precaution. You can only copy contents to different TMats.

►   "Check Dupe" is used to check for duplicate contents within the selected folder. If the system finds duplicates, they will be moved to the trash bin located at the bottom right side of the TMat Texture Organizing System.

►   "Delete" will send contents to the trash bin located at the bottom right of your TMat. Once again, you can choose to delete the Selected texture, the textures on Display, or the contents of the Folder. If you accidentally deleted textures you didn't mean to, you can restore them. This is done by touching the trash bin and choosing Show. The contents will be displayed and the trash bin can be touched again to give you the same options that a folder would. Choose to move the textures to a folder to restore them.

►   "Copy" is used to create a copy of your textures to another TMat or folder. You may choose to copy the Selected, what's on Display, or the entire Folder. Remember that this is copying, not moving. This is the only way to send textures to other TMats. A good thing to keep in mind if you have friends with TMats is that you can give Group or All Organize permissions and send contents directly to his/her TMat if you'd like to share.

►   "Repeat" allows you to display a selected texture in the following repeats: 1x1,2x2, 4x4, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4. Using this on sounds will give you play and looping options. Choose any of the repeat options and the dialog will switch to the Sound menu. To end a loop, click Stop Sound or click the display of the TMat.

Note: Close your build window to select contents to work with. Touching an item will cause it to highlight in yellow. You can select as many items in your display area as you want. Textures and sounds get a highlighted yellow outline while sculpties a completely highlighted. Sounds play when touched, and sculpties slowly rotate to give you a full view of the shape.
The Search button is represented by a magnifying glass. When you touch the button you'll be prompted with whether you'd like to search for textures or sounds, or if you'd like to show your last search. 

When you choose the content type, it will ask you to say the search term in chat. Once contents are found, the Search button acts as a folder, allowing you to do what you need to do with the textures that were found. To perform another search, you must select a folder then click the search button to kill the folder status. 

Click the Search button again and choose Show to display your last search. Only your last search can be displayed and once again, the Search button will act like a folder.
Trash Bin
The trash bin is where textures you've deleted go. It is located at the bottom right of the TMat. When you touch the button, it will give you three choices: Show, Delete, and Empty.

►   "Show" is used to display the textures that are in your trash bin. This should be used if you're not sure that you want all the textures to be deleted.

►   "Delete" is used while you have a folder being displayed. You can choose to send the Selected texture, textures on Display, or entire Folder to the trash bin. It is an alternative to using the Folder menu to delete textures.

►   "Empty" will permanently delete all textures located in your trash bin from the TMat. Since all textures displayed by the TMat MUST have full permissions, your textures are still safely in your inventory in case you accidentally delete a wanted texture.
Extras & TIps
If the TMat happens to be your new favorite texture organizer out of all the ones you bought in hopes of getting organized, you can actually migrate the textures you put in them to your TMat quite easily. Simply drop out the other texture organizer within 20m of your TMat. Click the Main Menu and get the Unpack Script. Use Edit linked parts to find the prim on the other texture organizer that holds your textures. Drop the Unpack Script into the prim's Content window. Close out the Build window and touch the prim that now contains the unpack script to get the menu. Click "To TMat." The textures will migrate to your TMat!

Make sure that you always add the contents themselves and not their folders. The TMat can display both textures and snapshots as long as they have full permissions. If you deposit textures without full permissions, you will have to manually delete them from the TMat system or drag them back into your inventory one at a time.

Left click and hold on any texture or sound displayed by the TMat. Let go. The texture will be displayed as a thumbnail along with current permissions, next owner permissions, texture name, and creator. You can browse through the textures like this as well. To escape this view, just touch the main display area of the TMat. If you double-click a texture or sound, you will get repeat options. Remember that doing this for a sound will bring up the Sound menu instead.

The Duplicate Checker processes around 360 duplicate items each time it runs. If you have an overloaded folder, it will take couple runs of the Dupe Check before all the duplicates are found. These extra runs will happen automatically for you.
Advanced Feature Support
There are two advanced features that you can try if you like, but I will not support. Since the TMat is copy, you can break it, so don't be afraid to try.

How to Make More Folders:

Make sure you follow these directions exactly.
1. Drop a brand new empty "Skidz Partz - TMat" onto the ground.
2. Right Click and Edit it
3. Press Ctrl+Shift+L - This will unlink the texture organizer
4. Copy as many folders as you like and move the prims around as you like. 
             You cannot add additional prims besides the folders to the linked set but you can move all the existing ones if you like
5. When you have it like you want it we need to link it all back up
            Since data is stored in the names of the linked objects, I will have to describe which objects to link, so bear with me:
            Select the prims in this order:
            0. The background prim (this is the prim that changes background color behind the thumbnails)
            1. The Prev button
            2. The Next Button
            3. Trash can
            4. Search
            5. Folders (select the last folder first)
            6. The control panel (prim top left above folders)
            7. Thumbnails (select the last thumbnail first)
            8. Frame around the thumbnails
            9. Inside the TMat organizer is a black and blue prim with the texture Touch to Maximize
6. Press CTRL + L - this will link it together
7. You’re not done just yet, you have to record the new Minimize and Maximize data
8. Say the follow on channel 5 "Give life to my Frankenstein".. example: "/5 Give life to my Frankenstein"
9. Click Main Menu/Minimize
10. Wait two seconds
11. Touch to Maximize
12. Now resize the entire thing to the size of a HUD (small as possible)
13. Take it
14. Wear it as a HUD
15. Position and resize it if needed
16. Say the follow on channel 5 "Give life to my Frankenstein".. example: "/5 Give life to my Frankenstein"
17 Click Main Menu/Minimize
18 Wait two seconds
19. Touch to Maximize
20. Wait a minute or two (I found sometimes if you detach really quickly after attaching, it won't save changes made)
21. Detach
22. Drop on ground
23. Right Click and edit
24. Say the following on channel 5 "It is alive!".. example "/5 It is alive!"
25. Click Tools/Reset script in selected
26. Do a hand stand shake it like a polaroid picture

Done! It will take a moment for the menus to finish loading, but it should all work... 
To ensure you linked it correct you should test deleting something, searching, and checking dupes. If all these features work, you did it right.
While this is a great feature, I don't support it, just because it’s so hard to do, so please don't IM me with questions on this. I just can't afford my time on this subject. But feel free to IM other questions you may have. 
How to Make Your Own Theme
1. Click the check box "Edit linked parts" on the build window
2. Select the frame around the thumbnails
3. Copy an existing theme into your inventory "Blue", "Skull", "Industrial", or "Comic"
4. Open it up and replace the UUID with the ones you want for your theme
5. Rename it
6. Drop it back into the frame
7. Open "Menu1"
8. Scroll down till you see "MENU THEMES"
9. Add a new option under this menu like this "option SAME_NAME_AS_NOTECARD"
10. Click Tools/Reset script in selected
11. Wait for the menus to finish loading and you’re all done.
Q. I copied my TMat while it was minimized and the new copy does not work
A. This is easy to fix:
            1. Right click and edit it.
            2. In the top of the Second Life Client click Tools/Set scripts to running in selection.
            3. Wait until this finishes.
            4. Now click Tools/Reset scripts in selected.
            5. You can now touch it to maximize it.
To lower the amount of resources the TMat uses on a sim, I disable the scripts when it is minimized. This is a side effect of this.

Q. I shared some textures with the TMat group by dropping a share box into the organizer, but have not see the post come through. What’s going on?
A. Right now this is a manual process for me to send this post out. I try to do it at least twice a week, but hope to soon automate it. Please just be patient. 
A. The creator of the textures could be on the do not share list as well.

Q. Can I sell textures that are shared with the group to others?
A. Just because someone shares these textures that are transferable with full permissions does not mean you have the right to sell these textures outright. You need to contact the creator of these textures to ensure it is okay with them. 

Q. Someone is selling textures I shared, and I want them to stop. What can I do?
A. You need to address these types of concerns with the person doing the selling. I am not responsible for the actions of such an ass. If you care to remove textures you have shared in the past you may add yourself the do not share list. 

Q. My TMat stopped working for some reason. 
A. This again can be a side effect of me trying to reduce lag in secondlife, but there is a super easy fix. Take it into your inventory, or detach it, and then drop it on the ground. This should start it working again. 
For customer support, please contact Skidz Tweak or Alayna Hutson.
 ___|  |/ (_) _| |___
(_-<|   <   |   |  _ |>-_/ 
/  / |_|\_|_|__ |\  \ 
_/ Tweak           \_\
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0 #2 Skidz Tweak 2013-03-23 02:24
Hey Doc.. contacted you in world... but had not heard from you yet... ask your friend to contact me.. I will come take a look.. can't imagine what would cause that...
0 #1 Doc Meredith 2013-03-20 13:12
I have been using the TMat for years (also have other products - they are all great). I recently convinced a friend to buy a TMat to store all of his photos and he thinks its a great tool.

He has one issue ... all of his photos display correctly (thumbnail and full size view) except one photo. He has checked to make sure it has full permissions but when he selects that one texture (he can see the thumbnail) the large view goes blank.

Any suggestions?

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