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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 13:21
Thank you for your purchase of the Skidz Primz 3.22 system!

The Skidz Primz system is an advanced building tool designed by Skidz Tweak. With the builders' frustrations in mind, the Skidz Primz empower users with precision tools for better building. A touch interface makes the process even easier, eliminating the need to memorize chat commands, copy and paste attributes, and all the guess work. Your projects become quick, simple, and precise.
- easy to use touch interface
- works with regular prims
- classic modes: Snap to align, Gap for gaps and scales, and RotClassic to copy rotations
- new modes: RotScale, Mirror, Link, Move, and Undo
- lots of options to customize your experience
- new accessories on Tool Belt
- new pin-shaped interface pieces to better indicate positions
- single-script infusion for regular prims becoming Skidz Primz
- greatly improved shape and attribute support
- new hibernate status to reduce resource consumption
- handy TextureReplace designed to conveniently replace one texture with another
- Say Options to list your settings
- new special effects
- now works with huge and tiny prims

Drop the Skidz Partz - Skidz Primz 3.22 box from your inventory onto the ground. Right click it and choose Open from the pie menu. Click the button, "Copy to Inventory." The Skidz Primz are now in your inventory and ready to wear.

Loose your belt
If you bought your skidz primz in world, you can always pay a visit to any of the main Skidz Partz stores and there is a redilivery station there. 

Before you Begin
Video -

It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to go through a few steps before building with the Skidz Primz. By unavoidable default, the Skidz Primz created by the system have Skidz Tweak listed as their creator. YOU MUST CHANGE THIS. The following steps will make you the creator of the Skidz Primz, and this only needs to be done once for the BOX SHAPE. All other shapes are affected. To begin, wear your Tool Belt and Pallet HUD, then follow these instructions:

1. Click the button on the hud Help then movies and watch the movie on how to make yourself the creator. Then procede to step 2.
2. Create a normal box shape prim in the regular fashion using the Second Life build window
3. Rename the regular prim to exactly this: a Skidz Prim
4. Click the Functions button on the Pallet and choose Prim Script to receive the script that infuses prims with the Skidz Primz scripts
5. Locate the script in your inventory and drop it onto your normal prim
6. Wait for the texture animations to stop; the prim will have the Skidz Primz textures when it's done to indicate it's ready for the next step
7. Take the prim into your inventory, and drop your Tool Belt on the ground; if drop isn't an option, detach it, locate it in your inventory, and drag it to the ground
8. Right click and choose Edit on your Tool Belt, looking in its Contents for "a Skidz Prim" 
9. Delete “a Skidz Prim” from your Tool Belt; do not delete anything else
10. Locate the prim you made in steps 1-5 and drop it into the Tool Belt's contents
11. Wear your Tool Belt and rez a Skidz Prim by touching any of the shapes on your Pallet; your name should appear as both the creator and owner in the General Tab

If Skidz Tweak is still listed as the creator or you encounter problems, please contact Alayna Hutson.

The Tool Belt
The Skidz Primz Tool Belt is the powerhouse of the Skidz Primz. It is modifiable to adjust to your body shape and tastes. You may also extract its contents and place them in another object if you would prefer. You need to wear the Tool Belt to make the Skidz Primz work.

The Pallet
The Skidz Primz Pallet is the command center of the Skidz Primz. It's where you change modes, modify the way the system works for you, issue the very important Finish command, and seek help should you require it. You can choose to wear the Pallet as a HUD or drop it on the ground where you're building. 

Default Settings
The Skidz Primz will have the following settings when you first wear the Tool Belt and Pallet:
- Tool Tips enabled
- Sensor Method detecting four nearby prims
- Special Effects off
- Snap Mode default
- detect your objects only
- only you may touch your Skidz Primz 

Mode Button
The Mode Button allows you to switch between the different Modes. Simply touch the button to receive a prompt. Select the mode you wish to use and you are ready to work. The modes currently available are Snap, Rot(ation) Classic, Gap, Mirror, Rot(ate) Scale, Link, Move, and Undo.

Quick Note: The following instructions use the default settings as a baseline to describe how to use each mode. If you have decided to use the Touch Method, you will need to remember that instead of the Active Prim detecting the closest prims, you must first touch your desired Active Prim and then touch the Skidz Primz you wish to work with.

Interface Overview - 
Video -

To use the Skidz Primz, you must be working with at least one Skidz Prim rezzed from the Pallet. To create a Skidz Prim, you simply touch a shape on the Pallet. The shape will appear five meters in front of your camera, so make sure you aren't staring at a wall or the floor when you do this. 

When using an interface, it's important to understand the difference between an Active Prim and a non-active prim. An Active Prim is the Skidz Prim that you initially touch to create interfaces. This prim will flash to indicate it's active.  Modifications will be made to only this prim. Active Prims can only be Skidz Primz. Non-active prims are nearby prims that have interface pieces but do not flash. These pieces may interact with the Active Prim, but they will not be modified. You can also turn a non-active prim into an Active Prim by touching it while an interface is applied as long as the non-active prim is also a Skidz Prim. 

NEW: Working with Sensor Mode will now detect nearby prims AND allow you to touch Skidz Primz without interfaces to apply the pins. When you Shift-drag a Skidz Prim with an interface, the resulting copy will receive an interface of its own.

Where applicable, you will be using interface pins to manipulate the Active Prim. Each pin represents a position on their respective prims. These pins are located on the corners, edges, and faces of each prim that is activated and detected. Touching a pin will cause it to turn white. In most cases, you will touch two balls on two different prims to use the Modes. 

Snap Mode
Snap Mode enables you to snap corners, edges, and centers together to perfectly align prims.

1. Touch a Skidz Prim to make it Active. All changes will be applied to it. The Active Skidz Prim will find the closest objects and wrap an interface around them. The interface shows up as red pins at each corner, the center of each edge, and the center of each face.

2. Touch a red pin on the Active Prim. Note that the Active Prim will always flash to indicate it is Active. The red pin will turn white to indicate it has been touched.

3. Touch a red pin on a different prim.

The Active Prim's red pin (which is now white) will be moved to exactly overlap the red pin you touched in Step 3 and it will pull your Active Prim with it.

Rot(ation) Classic Mode
Rot Classic allows you match the rotation of surrounding objects and apply 45 degree rotations in any direction.

Touch a Skidz Prim to make it active. All changes will be applied to it. The Active Skidz Prim will find the closest objects and wrap an interface around them. The interface is made up of blue pins. There will be four blue pins on each face of the Active Prim and one blue pin on each face of nearby prims.

To rotate the Active Prim 45 degrees at a time, click a blue pin on the Active Prim. Four pins are arranged around the center of the face. The 45 degree rotation that will be applied upon touch is based on the position of the pin. For example, clicking the pin to the right will rotate the Active Prim 45 degrees to the right. Each 45 degree rotation you apply remains relative to the rotation you begin with or previously applied.

Touch any pin on another prim to copy its rotation to the active prim.

Gap Mode
Gap Mode is great for filling in gaps between two prims. There are two distinct ways to work with Gap Mode. It is now used to copy scales as well. See Method Two.

The best way to understand how Gap Mode works is by understanding its principle. Each pin represents a location. Think of the first pin you touch as the start of your gap and the second pin as its end. If you were to draw a straight line between the two, it would represent the gap and thus the size your Active Prim needs to become.

Method One - One Active and One Non-Active
The first method involves preparing your Gap. This is done with Snap Mode. Align the Skidz Primz together so the prim you want to use to fill the gap is aligned at the dead center of the gap. Hint: You will use two snap pins that are located on the faces.

1. Touch the prim that will fill your gap to make it Active. It will start flashing to indicate it is the Active Prim. All changes will be applied to it. The Active Skidz Prim will find the closest objects and wrap an interface around them. The interface shows up as yellow pins. The Active Prim will have the interface only at the center of each face. The other prims will have the yellow pins at each corner and each face.

2. Touch the two yellow pins that you see between the gap on the faces. The pins will turn white to indicate they have been touched, and one side of the active prim will extend to fill the gap.

An example of using this method is filling a gap between two walls that need to maintain their positions, but can't extend further to meet each other. Align the "gap filler" to one side of the wall and proceed to fill your gap.

Method Two - Two Non-Active
The second method will require you to snap your prims into place afterwards. This is also the way you will copy axes in place of Scale Mode.

1. Touch the prim that will fill your gap to make it Active. It will start flashing to indicate it is the Active Prim. All changes will be applied to it. The Active Skid Prim will find the closest objects and wrap an interface around them. The interface shows up as yellow pins. The active prim will have the interface only at the center of each face. The other prims will have the yellow pins at each corner and each face.

2. Touch the two yellow pins on the non-active prims that accurately represent the gap you wish to fill. The pins will turn white to indicate they have been touched. If you are copying the size of an axis, you will be touching two corner pins that accurately represent the axis. Be sure that you touch two pins along the same axis and not a diagonal.

3. You will be prompted with a blue window that tells you the distance between the two pins you touched. It asks which axis you wish to apply this distance to. Choose the axis based on which one fits your needs. The Active Prim will resize to the indicated size.

4. Snap the "gap filler" into place using Snap Mode.

This method doesn't have to be used to fill a gap. You can also extend across more than one prim by using far corners instead of inside corners.

Rot(ate) Scale
Rot Scale Mode is used to rotate the axes while maintaining the original scale, (eg. to keep the original size but expose a hollow or cut position.)

Begin by touching the prim you want to work with. Orange pins indicate the direction of the “turn” that will occur when touched. For example, a pin on the far right edge will cause a face that shows X by Z to become Y by Z while maintaining the original size. You may have to apply a few different turns before you get the scale rotation you need.

Mirror Mode
Mirror Mode is used to change a prim or linked set to a mirror of its original position. Every prim must be a Skidz Prim for this to work.

Touch a Skidz Prim to make it active. All changes will be applied to it. It will instantly prompt you, asking which axis to mirror. If you're looking at a prim head on, this is how it will work: X will mirror it back to front, Y will mirror left to right, and Z will mirror top to bottom. As soon as you make your selection, your active prim/set will be mirrored.

If you want to keep your original item, make a copy before using mirror mode.

Linke Mode
Link Mode is used to link prims conveniently. There are two ways to work with Link Mode. Which way you use will depend on what you want to link.

Touch a Skidz Prim to make it active. This will become your root prim. You will immediately be asked if you want to link everything or use SmartLink.

Choosing everything will cause everything within 32m to be linked to the best of Link Mode's ability. SmartLink will intelligently link the prims it thinks should be linked.

Move Mode
Move Mode is used to move prims as if they are linked.

Touch a Skidz Prim to make it active. You will receive a prompt asking what radius to detect prims. All the prims you use with Move Mode must be Skidz Primz to work, with the exception of linked sets in which at least the root prim needs to be a Skidz Prim. After making your selection, you will be able to move the active prim and all the prims detected will move with it.

Warning: There is no indication of which prims are affected when you move the Active Prim, so watch carefully to make sure Move Mode grabbed the prims you wanted it to grab.

Undo Mode
Undo Mode is used to undo cuts, hollows, and related prim alterations, and most moves taken with the Skidz Primz.

Switch to Undo Mode and simply touch the prim you want to be affected. This will bring up a prompt asking if you want to undo or redo. You can undo up to 25 moves and redo up to 25 moves.

Warning: Changing the shape and  linking/unlinking prims will reset the history. If you're using advanced linking techniques (eg. Edit linked prims), changing the root prim will reset the history of the linked prims. Textures are not affected by undo or redo.  

Functions Button
Video -

The Functions Button features four functions: turn on, turn off, finished, and hibernate. These functions are most frequently used to reset the Skidz Primz, save resources on a sim, get the script to create a Skidz Prim, and remove the contents of your Skidz Primz to allow transfer.

Turn On
The Turn On button doesn't need to be used unless you have turned off the Skidz Primz.

Turn Off
The Turn Off button deactivates the Skidz Primz' scripts so less resources are used. This is a good button to use if you're walking away from a project, but you're not completely finished.

The Finished button is used when you are completely finished a project. It will remove the contents of every Skidz Prim within 96m of your position, each one regaining full permissions. After you choose it you will be asked to confirm, then say the name of the project. When you do this it will rename ever prim that is named "a Skidz Primz" into whatever you said your project name was.

Hibernate is used to set your Skidz Primz to hibernate status which turns off the Skidz Primz until you touch each one to reactivate.

Prim Script
Prim Script gives you the script that turns regular prims into Skidz Primz. Hit the Keep button when you're prompted and you'll find the script in your inventory.

Texture Replace
Texture Replace causes the Pallet to flip up. The textures within 96m are detected up to 400 textures and are displayed. Browse them by using the arrows. The up button will take you back to the regular Pallet rotation. When you drop a new texture from your inventory onto one of the texture squares, every object within 96m with the previous texture will now have the new texture. This only works on Skidz Primz and the objects affected must be yours. Each texture used with the Texture Replace function must have full permissions.

Options Button
The Options Button has three sections full of different options designed to help you customize the way you work with the Skidz Primz.

Section One - Interface
The Interface Section has options related to how the interface works.

1. Interface Rez Type
Temp-on-Rez generates interfaces as temporary prims that last 60 seconds. This is great for users who are easily distracted and forget that they're using the Skidz Primz. This rez type doesn't use any prims.

Normal creates interfaces as if they were regular prims. They are permanent and affect your prim count.

Hybrid actually switches between temp-on-rez and normal to create an interface that is both permanent and uses no prims.

2. Touch Permissions
None denies everyone use of your Skidz Primz until you change this.

Group allows anyone in the set group to use your Skidz Primz. Great for group projects.

Anyone allows anyone at all to use your Skidz Primz. This would be a good setting if you wanted to be creative but use cheap, public labor.

3. Special Effects allows you to enable or disable particle effects. Choose to turn them on or off.

Section Two - Sensor
How many objects to find allows you to determine how many prims are detected when you use the Detect method. You can tell the Skidz Primz to detect between one and eight prims.

Find others' objects lets you decide whether the Skidz Primz locate only your prims, or include the prims of others.

Touch Method is the opposite of the Sensor method. Instead of the active prim detecting nearby prims, you can touch each Skidz Primz you want to apply the interface to.

Section Three - Say Options
Say Options will tell you all your settings in case you're unsure of what's enabled.

Help Button
About gives you version information about the Skidz Primz

ReadMe will give you this ReadMe in case you ever lose it from your inventory.

Contact will tell you who to contact in case you encounter a problem you can't solve yourself.

Tool Tips allows you to enable or disable helpful Tool Tips.

If you don't see your question here, refer to our extensive online FAQ at

0. What is the optimal settings to get the skidz primz to run the fastest?

Ensure special effects are off - options/interface/3/No
Use normal rezzing mode - options/interface/1/Normal
Use Touch mehtod to find prims - options/sensor/3/touch
Turn off the tutorial - Help/Tutorial/off

1. Why can't I transfer my work?

Chances are the scripts have not been removed. The scripts in the Skidz Primz are non-transferable which is how the abilities of the tool are protected. To resolve this, simply touch the Functions button on the Pallet HUD and choose Finished. It will automatically remove the scripts from all your Skidz Primz from within a 96 meter radius.

2. Is there a special way I have to move the Skidz Primz around when there is an interface around them? 

No, you move the Skidz Primz just like you would move any regular prim. When the interface is around your Skidz Primz, the interface will follow them. The same applies to changing attributes such as resizing a Skidz Prim, applying a cut, hollow, taper, etc. Be advised that you will have to deactivate and reactivate the interface to correct the interface mapping.

3. Is there a group for Skidz Primz Users?

Yes there is! Just search ::Skidz Primz Users and you'll find it. Joining is free, and it's a great resource. Please be advised that with the large number of members, any advertising, spam, flooding, and chatter not related to building will result in an immediate ban. It is a support group. From time to time, we send out notices about events we are holding or are a part of, new products, and offers from Skidz Partz only.

4. Do you have any videos?

Yes, it can be found here:

5. I have work from when I didn't have the Skidz Primz. Is there a way to make those prims into Skidz Primz?

Yes! Unlink all the parts you wish to align. Click the Functions button then press the Prim Script button. You will receive a new folder containing one script. Drag it onto EACH of the prims you wish to turn into a Skidz Prim. You will notice the textures become animated. Wait until it stops and you will have newly created Skidz Primz. This can be done at any time.

6. Is there a way to put other shapes on the Pallet?

All the shapes are already provided on the Pallet. The thing to remember is that the available shapes just need to be modified. For example, to get a four-sided pyramid, taper a box; to get a half sphere, cut a sphere in half.

7. My options aren't changing! What should I do?

Try changing modes and then applying the new modes. Use Say Options to see what options you're using. If the problem persists, contact Alayna Hutson or Skidz Tweak.

8. Do I have to delete the contents of a Skidz Prim every time by hand?

Nope! Just click Functions, Finished to remove all the scripts and objects from your Skidz Primz. This affects prims up to a 96m radius, so make sure you're all done.

9. Will the Finished button remove other stuff I have in the Skidz Primz?

No, it won't. The Finished button will only remove contents that are part of the Skidz Primz system.

10. I messed up my Tool Belt when I tried to make myself the creator. What do I do?

If you bought your skidz primz in world, you can always pay a visit to any of the main Skidz Partz stores and there is a redilivery station there. 

Otherwise you can do one of two things: 1. Contact Alayna Hutson to see if there's a way to recover it. If not, she will send you a new set. From there, she will coach you through the process so you get it right, but make sure you follow her instructions carefully; 2. Contact Skidz Tweak and drop him a regular box-shape prim with full permissions. He will make you a custom belt. When you receive this belt, check your options as they may be MUCH different from your original settings or the defaults.

11. I want to buy Skidz Primz for a friend. How do I do this?

All skidz partz vendors now have a buy for friend button on them you can use.

12. My stuff isn't aligning correctly. What's going on?

Make sure that your Skidz Primz aren't underground. Scripts cannot run below terrain and the Skidz Primz respond by popping back up above ground. If this isn't your situation, contact Skidz Tweak or Alayna Hutson.

13. I don't understand how this works! Are there classes?

Yes, classes are held every Tuesday at 6:00 PM SLT/PST and every Saturday at 11:00 AM SLT/PST.

Be sure to check out the website: if you didn't find the answer to your question in your document. You may find the answer there instead. Otherwise, contact Alayna Hutson or Skidz Tweak.
Last Updated on Friday, 10 April 2009 15:53

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