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Written by Alayna Hutson   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 22:43

Find it in SLOn XStreetSL | >>$L449

The Skidz Partz Authentication Server is a server that holds a list of names or keys and distributes those names and keys to be utilized by several different applications. For example, if you have a bunch of doors that you only want certain people to be able to open, you can use this authentication server to distribute those names to the doors. This is mostly made for scripters, but it's so easy that even a beginner scripter could do it.


Free Skidz Partz - Server Rack included!


  • Quickly authenticate avatars
  • One place to set up all the users you wish to allow, and list of enemies instead of changing multiple settings
  • All objects auto-synchronize every 24 hours
  • Several scripting examples included on how to take advantage of this
  • All scripting example have object that demonstrate them
  • Objects that use the authentication server do not have to be near it, or on the same sim
  • Two modes of communications: Chat/Email determined automatically
  • Sends an update list to all client objects connected to a server
  • Super low lag; meticulously developed to ensure there was no little to no lag
  • Integrates with Skidz Partz Server Racks, and Skidz Partz Server Bunker
  • Several open-source scripts to help you get started quickly
  • The owner of any door, or object that takes advantage of the Skidz Partz Authentication Server is always granted access
  • The owner of the server does not necessarily have to be the owner of the door or object that takes advantage of the authentication server
  • Number of users is relative to memory use, however over 100 names have been used successfully with room to spare

How to Set Up the Server:

  1. Drop the server out on the ground. If you are using Skidz Partz Server Racks it will automatically align and move into the server rack.
  2. Right click/Edit and go to the Content tab.
  3. Open the file "auth.config" (listed under the Content tab.)
  4. In this file you can see a list of authorized users and a list of enemies. Add the names you would like listed in the appropriate areas.
  5. Save and close the "auth.config" file.
  6. Touch the server to bring down the menu and hit reset.
  7. Congratulations, your server is now configured.

Now that you have your server configured and set up, you will want to integrate it into your existing script or new script. Either way, I have made this really easy. Pull out the "Skidz Partz CD rack" from your inventory and drop this on the ground. This rack holds a number of scripts that can be used with the Skidz Partz Authentication Server. When you touch each CD in the rack you will be given all the script it contains.

Script in CD Rack - Touch the CD to get the contents

CD 1 - Authentication Server
o Skidz Partz - Authentication Server
-- This is a copy of the Skidz Authentication Server

CD 2 - Help Document
o Skidz Partz " Authentication Server Read me
-- This document is stored here

CD3 " Auth Server API - This CD is the most important.
o "AuthAPI"
-- "AuthAPI" This script is what actually communicated with the authentication server. Fore more details about this script be sure to read below.
o API Example
-- This script is open source. It demonstrates the most basic use of the "AuthAPI" script.
o "auth.config"
-- This is a notecard that holds the Skidz Partz Authentication Server key, it is used in conjunction with "API Example" script.
-- The only thing that should be in this file is the key to the authentication server, nothing else.
o Example of API Example Script
-- This object implements all the files listed above as an example

CD4 " Door Examples - This CD holds several door scripts that are open source.
o Timeless Linked Door
-- This script was originally written by Timeless Prototype.
-- I have modified it to take full advantage of the Skidz Partz Authentication Server.
-- This script is meant for a door that is linked to a building.
-- I don"t support this script. It is well documented in the script.
o Timeless Linked Door Example
-- This is an example of the Timeless linked door in action

"AuthAPI" script " Looks like a lot written below here, but I just went into lots of detail.

You can see fully how to user this script with "APIExample" script, I highly recommend looking it over.

This script is the script that will do all the communications with the authentication server. It was made very light weight and will cause little to no lag at all.

Things to note about this script:

  • All communications between your scripts and this script will take place via linked message.
  • All communication must use "98840957" as the channel with linked messages.
  • This script only sends linked messages to the prim it is in.
  • If you are not on the same sim of the server it will use email mode, which can take up to four minutes to receive the list of all users allowed and enemies. This is slow to reduce lag.

Messages you can send to this script

  • DATAKEY|SERVERKEY " This is the command you send to the "AuthAPI" script to set the Skidz Partz Authentication Server key.
    o Example
    -- llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS , 98840957, "DATASERVER|" + AUTHSERVERKEY, "");
    o This is the call you can manually make to get an update list of users from the server.
    o IMPORTANT NOTE " you do not have to call this after you set the server key, it automatically will be called.
    o Example
    -- llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS , 98840957, " GETDATA|" + AUTHSERVERKEY, "");

Messages you can expect to see from this script:
The only message you will receive from this script is list of users

  • AUTH
    o This will hold a list of authorized users you added to the Skidz Partz Authentication Server
    o Example of message string
    -- AUTH|skidz Tweak|Alayna Hutson|
    o If you entire list of users has a length of greater that 900 characters then this message will come through.
    o You will add this list of users to the ones that have already been passed.
    o All users will come over with the full name. In other words, the names will never be split in half.
    o Example of message string
  • -- AUTHMORE|skidz Tweak|Alayna Hutson|
    o This will hold the list of Enemies you have listed in the Skidz Partz Authentication Server
    o Example Message string
    -- ENEMY|Look Out|Holy Smoke|
    o Again, if you have a lot of people in the Skidz Partz Server you might see this message come over with additional users to add to your local list.
    o Example Message string
  • -- ENEMYMORE|Look Out|Holy Smoke|
That's really it... if you can think of anything I should include that I didn't please feel free to contact Skidz Tweak.


It's not working at all for me.

If you're not on the same sim as the items, it just might take a bit. The email mode is not fast, and can take up to four minutes. Also, did you remember get set the correct UUID of the config server? Touch the authentication server and in the menu choose ID to get the uuid. In your script now you have to pass that with a linked message to AuthAPI like so:
llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS , 98840957, "DATASERVER|" + AUTHSERVERKEY, "");

This is way over my head

I will admit... I had scripters in mind when I wrote this. I would really suggest that you take a look at examples and just walk through them. Don't be afraid to try something, you can't screw anything up really, and if you do... I will replace it for you :)

How many things can I hook up to this.?

I have hooked 30 items to this. You can hook in as many as you like... When the memory gets low on the server it resets itself. You can check the status of the memory by touching the server and choosing status. The only drawback to this is, if you change the list of users some doors might not update for upto 24 hours.

I made a change to the list, but its not being sent out to all the places I use it.

If you have a whole bunch of places taking advantage of the authentication server, it's possible the server had to reset itself because it was low on memory, and no longer holds the key of all the places you use the AuthAPI script. Don't worry though, they will contact the authentication server within 24 hours and update.

I have a burning itching feeling between my legs.

I would go see your local doctor and get that treated right away.

Last Updated on Monday, 20 April 2009 23:19

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