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Written by Alayna Hutson   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 21:05

Mad Sci Lab | Price/Unit : 5.25 USD

Find it in SLOn XStreetSL | Videos | Support | >>$L890

The Mad Scientist Laboratory was a labor of love for me. It was something that I have always wanted to make and it has tons of extras. The desk, which everything rezzes from, is only seven prims, so you can leave it out without taking up too many resources. By touching the lab table top, you will get a menu which allows you to rez, or de-rez anything. All the items are full mod and copy except for the scripts, so feel free to edit something up and make it totally unique for yourself.



  • Working microscope
  • Glass vials that mix, bubble, overflow, and more
  • Stand with auto-aligning parts
  • Test tube and stand for mixing
  • Safety glasses dispenser with auto-attach (transferable too)
  • Sink that fills with sounds
  • Pieces work with each other
  • Desk rezzes everything in place for you
  • Rez or de-rez everything all at once or individually

About the Different Items

The Microscope
The microscope can be sat on. Just right click and choose Look. It implements a custom pose that I made. If you press the Escape button while you are sitting on it, you will see the slides. By touching the slides, they will change to new images. There are four total.

The Stand
The stand has a Bunsen Burner along with a stand to hold your glass vials or test tubes. It comes with three attachments. They are Square, Circle, and U shape attachments. By touching one of them one of them it will find the stand pole and attach itself to it. By touching it again it will move back to its resting spot. You can also touch the bunsen burner to start and stop the flame.

Glass Vials
The glass vials are lots of fun. They have several fun features including smoke, bubbling with sounds, mixing other chemicals with them, overflowing, change color, and can do this all at once. It also has an auto align with the stand. The stand and bubble buttons are toggle. The smoke and bubbles are what ever color the liquid is. When you choose mix it will mix with whichever test tube is closest.

Test Tube
The test tubes are made out of sculpted prims. Each one is 4 prims with a cork cap. You can touch the cap to open and close it. You can also touch the test tube itself for it to auto align with the stand. It is important to note that it will not align with the stand if there is not attachment attached to the stand. (what do you think it could just float in mid air) :)

Safety Glasses
If the owner touches the Safety Glasses it will rez a set and prompt to auto attach to the owner nose. If someone besides the owner touches them, it will give them a set of safety glasses. They are copy mod and trans, and should fit anyone.

Lab Sink
The lab sink will fill and drain when the Faust handles are touched. Includes a nice splashing effect when filling along with sounds while filling and draining.

Touching the beakers and they will boil.

Lab Table
The lab table rezzes and derezzes all the items. You can delete them by hand if you like though. The menu is pretty strait forward... with Rez, and Derez. There is also a cabinet door to the left of the microscope. When touched it will open to rez a cabinet full of equipment that is temp on rez, and will not take up prims on your land.

Trouble Shooting

I click the menu button but didn't do what it should have

Try again, it sometimes does that for some reason.

Last Updated on Monday, 20 April 2009 23:18

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