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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Sunday, 12 April 2009 13:31
Fluorescent light Copy | Price/Unit : 3.49 USD

Find it in SLOn XStreetSL | >>$L499

The Skidz Partz - Fluorescent Light was designed with two objectives: realism and ease of use.

  • Realistic sounds 
  • Simple menu to control everything
  • Realistic power up fluorescent lights
  • Light switches auto align to wall plates
  • Three different types of light switches with mod rights
  • Group lights together for settings and light light switches
  • Make light bulbs fall out and shatter
  • Change light color
  • Change distance light travels
  • Change light size
  • Help - Click to get a quick description of the menu options buttons.
  • Light On - Turns on the current light.
  • Light Off - Turns off the current light. 
  • Bulb fall out - Bulb falls to the ground and shatters; lasts 15 seconds. 
  • Light Switch - Takes you to the menus for the light switches. 
  • Light - Takes you to the light menu where you can change the color or distance the light travels. 
  • Light Group - Group your lights for light switches or settings.
  • Size - This changes the size of the light.
More Details:

Light Groups - Light groups are great if you want to have a switch turn on more then one light at a time. By default, the lights are in Group 1. If you 
choose None for your group, the light switches rezzed will only work with the light it came from. Any changes made will not be propagated with the other lights. You can also change the name of the groups if you like.

How to Change the Group Names:
  • Open the file "menudefs" inside the light
  • Find the line that says "MENU LSG" which is a little over half way down
  • Below that are lines that start with OPTION, each one of these is a group name
  • Change "OPTION Group 1" to "OPTION Your Name"
  • Rules, can't be longer then 24 chars, and don't remove "OPTION None".
  • After this, save
  • Then right click/edit the light
  • Then from the top of the Second Life client Tools/reset script in selected
  • Wait while it loads your new settings
Customer Support: Contact Skidz Tweak or Alayna Hutson
I truly strive for high quality. If you see anything I could do better, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your interest in the Ultimate 
Fluorescent Light!

skidz Tweak
Last Updated on Monday, 20 April 2009 23:17

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