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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Sunday, 01 November 2015 00:00

Hey all... I am involved in another Gacha event, the AniMECH Gacha Fair! It all about high tech toys. For this I completed two gachas, Tech Empress Royal Guard Suits, and Accessories. Teleport to the AniMECH Gacha Fail The Fair ends Dec 1st... so hurry.. 

Congratulations on being accepted into the Tech Empress Royal Guard! As a result we are supplying you with a suit made of the most advanced materials. Some of the features of this suit include:

  • Cold Fusion Gravity Repulsion Boots
  • Bionic Hip Enhancements 
  • Vented Chest Plate
  • Multi-Attachment Arm Braces
  • Heads Up Display to Control the Advanced Emotional State Color System
  • Can Withstand Temperatures of Over 2000 Degrees
  • Bullet and Blade Proof

Warning, do not touch the suit. The breast plate is known to pop right off. I can not stress enough, while on duty protecting the Empress you are not allowed to run around with it off. If it does happen to come off, just touch it again and it will pop back on.

As a part of the Royal Guard you are required to watch over the Empress and protect her, even at the cost of your own life. Do not speak to the Empress unless spoken to, except in cases of security and safety. If the Empress give you an order, you must follow it without question. 

Any questions or concerns about your duties as the Tech Empresses Royal Guard should be addressed to Skidz Tweak.

Again, congratulations and go forth with the Tech Empress' blessing!

  • Jet Pack
  • Shield
  • Collar
  • Staff
  • Logo Burner
  • Sword
  • Flash Light

Please read below for the detail of your item:

  • Jet Pack
    • This Jet Pack uses cold fusion gravity repulsion to achieve flight. Be sure your arms are clear of the blades before they extend. Do not exceed mack 1 in the atmosphere or you will be fined. 
  • Shield
    • The shield uses a rare form of plasma induced into a solid shield via a particle ramification process. Be sure to charge the battery every 5 years or so. 
  • Collar
    • The Empress only Collars her favorites, so consider it a great honor to have this bestowed on you. The collar has a telepathic display on the front. It is large enough for 8 characters.  To display something on them think something on channel 99. For example "/99 N Love" or "/99 HELP!"
  • Staff
    • This staff holds a Janji Ball at the top which strengthens the aura of the holder. Go swift, go quietly, go like the Janji!
  • Logo Burner
    • Sometimes is it necessary to go under cover in other organizations. When this is the case you can use a Logo Burner to burn a logo onto your breast place. Just wear and say on channel 9 the UUID of the logo. You can also say Clear to remove any logos applied. Example "/9 Clear" or "/9 1ed871b4-c8da-f698-dab1-c78f129858d7"
  • Sword 
    • This sword is Nanomite sharp! It can carve through 1 foot of Reinforced Nano Plexy like it was butter. There have been many accidents with this sword in the past so remember your training on the handling of this sword. 
  • Flash Light 
    • Sometimes you just need to bring a little light to the darkness. You can turn on and off the flashlight by using channel 19. For example "/19 on" or "/19 off"

Any questions or concerns about your accessories for the Tech Empresses Royal Guard Suit, should be addressed to Skidz Tweak..

Again, congratulations and go forth with the Tech Empresses' blessing!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 November 2015 21:47

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