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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Sunday, 02 August 2015 00:00

If you love the Kemono body and enjoy magic, you must check out the AniMAGICAL Gacha Fair going on during August... 

I have my first two gachas ever set up there: 

The Crystal Glove Elements

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Life
  • Death
  • Spirit
  • Shadow
  • Psychic
  • Smoke



These gloves are not to be used lightly. The power they can yield is hard to control. Use at your own risk! Because the crystals were pulled here by using dark magic, they can taint your soul slightly. 


To pull forth the rains, crouch and wait for the clouds to gather. You do need rez permissions for the rain to appear. To remove the rain just right click and delete it. It will not rez up more than one in a given area. 


To generate a fireball just say the word "Fire". The fire glove and the fireball it shoots is modifiable. So you can change it to do other things if you like. You do need rez permissions for the fireball to be shot.


To tear a large area from the ground (32x32) you must be on the ground. Once on the ground, crouch and wait for the earth to start shaking. It will raise up 35 meters and stop. To raise it more you can crouch on top of it and it will start moving up. To remove the floating island that results, right click and delete it. You may also want to delete the hole in the ground that is rezzed. You do need rez permissions.


To hover with the wind gloves just fly and hover. You will see a tornado of wind hold you up.    


To cast a shadow over you, crouch and wait for the shadow (dome) to appear. To remove it just right click and delete the dome. The dome is full permissions so you can modify it to your desires. You do need rez permissions to rez the dome.


Beware: Do not use this lightly, this will kill whoever you are standing near. To kill someone just say "timor mortis conturbat me" or "die". It will prompt the other person for a animation. Permissions are not required if it is used again on the same person. 


To grow a crystal plant, you must be on the ground. Crouch and the glove will send its magic into the ground gathering life. It starts off very small, but will grow over several days. By touching the plant you can love on it, water it, or fertilize it. It should take about five days to fully grow with no watering or fertilizing or love. But giving any of those will increase the speed of the growth. You do need rez to grow the plant. If the plant is taken, and placed back down it will revert back to a seedling... (magic).


To give a psychic reading to someone, stand near them and crouch. You will gather psychic energy. Release the crouch and it will give the reading. The glove holds a notecard that lets you add your own predictions.


You can fill the nearby area with smoke or fog just by crouching.


By sitting when wearing the spirit gloves, you will rip your soul from your flesh and release it. It will follow your camera around when given permissions to do so. It will also hear anything said nearby and send that to you. Anything you say will also be said by your soul. You do need rez permissions to tear your soul from the flesh.

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