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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 18:31
Resident Choice Awards are here! And there is a huge selection of categories.
I am not one to usually toot our horn... But I figure if I want to win I have to :). So I am asking everyone I know, to please go and vote for Skidz Isle. There are several categories I think we might have a chance at.

How to vote?
Go here and answer the 4 simple questions it ask on the first page, on the next page you can then paste (ctrl+v) the SLURL below into the categories. Submit it, and your done.
You will also need this SLURL so copy it (ctrl+c):

Categories I think Skidz Isle would be great for:

Hanging with Friends: I see the same groups of people hanging out here over and over. Skidz Isle provides a very laid-back place, with two huge sims wide open to build in, with a team a volunteers that work tirelessly to ensure griefers don't bother anyone. Its the only private sandbox that has a PG rating (I have been told), and we don't restrict access for payment info.

Help Newbies: The Skidz Isle Mentors group is really why I feel Skidz Isle would be great candidate for this category. There is always someone to help out with a scripting question, texture that is needed, or even questions about SL in general.

Wizard Like Scripter: I saw this catagory and got a chill up my spine. I would be so honored if I was voted for this. I know compared to most of the big SL stores out there I don't carry a huge selection of stuff, but the things I do make I feel are unique, creative, and well thought out. It would be an overwhelming honor if I won this. *almost starts to cry just thinking about what it would be like to win*

Buy Stuff: I admit, Skidz Isle might not be the best place for this category... but I figured why not, I sell stuff.. :) At least I am honest!!

So PLEASE vote for Skidz Isle. Ask your friends to vote for Skidz Isle, send out group notices to vote for skidz Isle, Jump on twitter and tell the world to vote for Skidz Isle, send out one of those really annoying chain letters that threaten bad luck if they don't vote for Skidz Isle... ok.. maybe not that :) ... But please.. do vote for me :)
Last Updated on Sunday, 12 April 2009 08:34

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