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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 17:49
Tamos Shan submited - Today, as I was scanning the forums on XstreetSL, I found something rather terrifying and well, to say the least, a crisis in the waiting. We all know that copybotting is a major problem for many skilled, creative, and legitimate creators in SL, and we all know LL has been rather silent on the issue, taking the minimalist view on the issue.

And we are all aware of the fact that many great designers and business have been put under by malicious, felonious people who cannot seem to abide by the laws, the TOS, and just common sense.

So, with that in mind, as a legitimate builder and business owner, i'd like to show you this alarming issue that has risen from the depths of hell, and may be on our virtual doorstep in the VERY near future.

Terrifying, no? The idea that one can go into any sim, and just copy the entire sim, regardless of ownership, and take it out of SL, to fiddle with and modify, and then use it in SL or in places like OpenSim is a very grid shaking realization.

And the fact the creator of this greedy, irresponsible plugin doesn;t care for, nor think it wise to include any form of DRM or permission checks, as it would cause unneeded retardation to the copying process for those legitimate users.

His excuse, that copybotting is already such a rampant issue, and that there is little to be done about it, that adding in any form of DRM or the ethics and morals of it's release are a moot point.

"He did it, and got away with it, so I can to!"

From my research, Rezzable has failed in SL, and this is their final send off, the finale, their great big "Fuck You" to every other successful creator in SL.

Well, I think we all should wake up. Every creator, every customer, every resident who does not wish for their favorite designers to be ripped off and pushed to forfeit their business.

We all need to wake up, open our eyes, and realize that content theft is indeed a real problem, and if we, as residents with the power to make sure it stops, actually use it, we can make SL a better place for creativity and businesses.

Builders, customers, residents, we all need toh elp each other. Be aware, protect your creations, and watch out for your fellow artists, business owners, and residents.

Make an active attempt to hamper content theft. Stop it as much as we can. I do realize that it will be impossible to completely remove it, but we can slow it down, make it hard for those who do it, and end those who do rapidly and cleanly.

So, with that in mind, take a gander at this.

Vote for it. Make your voice heard. They say LL doesn't listen. But when the roar gets loud enough, something has to be done to soften it.

Get out there. Be mindful. Be Aware. And look out for your fellow artists. SL is unique. If we lose it, we don't have anywhere else to go. 

Thank you

Tamos Shan
Owner of Anachronism Inc.
Content Creator for 2 Years.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 July 2009 17:54


0 #2 Karen Palen 2009-09-11 02:36
From what I see this is no different than the RIAA/MPAA attempts to impose their DRM software on the world. All they have managed to do is to destroy their own markets while not affecting pirates in the least.

MY interest is in preserving MY inventory that I have paid for and not being forced to re-purchase everything every year or so.

Just like my music collection. All of my CDs are now on a hard drive with MP3 and I simply refuse to buy any DRM protected music. That is exactly how most consumers feel to judge by the state of CD/DVD sales.

At one time I spent US$200/mo on "stuff" within SL, but now that I am also interested in OpenSim grids I have stopped buying stuff that is restricted to SL - it is that simple.

"Builderbot" is no more than a troll and should be treated as such.
+1 #1 Tormented Twilight 2009-08-11 07:34
While, it could probably be used for evil (I don't know enough about it first-hand to confirm this) it could have also saved some of the great lost sims in Second Life as well. True that sims come and go, but there are some that just tear your heart to see just disappear one day. For instance, Rezzables shut down Spiral Walcher's awesome Tunnel of Light sim in SL. One would hope that at least Spiral had a backup of all his hard work. Doing it by hand would indeed be tedious, with a tool like that it would probably be a lot easier. So yeah unfortunately, anything that can be used for good can also be used for evil.

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