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Mt. Olympus PDF Print E-mail
Products - Buildings
Written by Skidz Tweak   
Sunday, 12 April 2009 14:13

Mt. Olympus | Price/Unit : 2.15 USD

Find it in SLOn XStreetSL | Video | >>L$199

In Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is the home of the Twelve Olympians, the principal gods in the Greek pantheon. The Greeks thought of it as built with crystal mansions wherein the gods, such as Zeus, dwelt. It is also known in Greek mythology that when Gaia gave birth to the Titans they used the mountains in Greece as their thrones since they were so huge, and Cronus sat on Mount Olympus itself.
I have given it a little more modern touch, but the beauty, and underlying architecture of what I believe it would look like is still there.


  • Easy to Rez
  • Moving the original box will move the entire building
  • Beautiful and huge open space
  • Entry platform
  • Copy/Mod/No Trans
  • 198 prims, but worth it
  • 84 X 66 meters in size


  1. Rez the Rez-Faux package
  2. Select "Rez" from the menu Wait while the entire structure rezzes in a pile and then snaps into position
  3. Move and rotate the Rez-Faux object as you please, and watch the build move to match it
  4. When you're done, click "Save", which will freeze your build into position; you may then delete the Rez-Faux package

You may also choose to "Store" your build, which, along with saving, will store the position and rotation of every link set in the object's description. This is useful in case the objects "drift".


The structure is scrunched against the ground.
If the pieces would end up below the ground, they'll "give up" and sit at ground level. Move or rotate
the Rez-Faux object to lift them out.

The structure is scrunched against the sim border.
If you're at the very edge of the world, the pieces may try to fall off into the void, but they'll stop
themselves before they go that far. Move or rotate the Rez-Faux object away from the edge of the
world to fix this

I lost a piece of the structure!
If your pieces end up over a neighbor's plot with autoreturn on, they may return to your inventory.
Just Derez the structure, move the Rez-Faux object, and re-rez it.

Why does the package say that it's empty?
If the creator decided to distribute their build without copy permissions, then you may only rez and position
it once. After that, the empty package is of no use and may be deleted. Please contact the creator for help.

For additional support contact skidz Tweak or Alayna Hutson

Last Updated on Monday, 20 April 2009 23:36

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