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Skidz Partz - Announcements
Written by Skidz Tweak   
Monday, 17 May 2010 12:56

Calling All TMat Owners! Beta test the new TMat Organizing System release candidate and get L$1000 for reporting a bug! You will find the new TMat release candidate, and the rules attached to the notices in the "::Skidz TMat Texture Organizer" group! The first to report any bug receives L$1000!

Drop out the attachment and touch the Box above the TMat for the rules.

Good luck, and Thanks for helping me make this bug free!



  • This TMat in the notice is no copy because it is a release candidate not meant for production use.
  • Bugs for lindens ends on Wednesday at 1AM SLT.


  1. Only the TMat attached to the notice is allowed to be used.
  2. The bug must cause an issue where the only solution is to either reset its scripts or clone to a new TMat to regain full functionality.
  3. All errors have to be reproducible. Make sure you can reproduce your bug BEFORE reporting it. See bug report form below.
  4. The Bug Report Form must be completed IN FULL and FOR EACH (see bottom). Skidz needs all information requested.
  5. Resizing the TMat without using Options/Save does not count!
  6. No linking to it, or delinking prims.. let's not get stupid :)
  7. Adding scripts or replacing scripts will not be allowed.
  8. Do not install the web plug-in as this would replace many of the new scripts fixed in the beta.
  9. Report your own bugs. Only the reporting avatar will receive the reward.
  10. Each bug can only have 1 winner. If two people submit the same bug, the prize will be rewarded to the first to do so.


  • Bugs for lindens ends on Wednesday at 1AM.
  • Winners will be announced at that time.

Send the Bug Report Form to Skidz Tweak and ONLY Skidz Tweak. Reporting to other staff members, especially Alayna Hutson, may result in a stolen bug report (Alayna has a hair addiction).


  • If you break a TMat, grab a new one from the notice and try to reproduce it.
  • If you need a second one to test with, grab a new one from the notice
  • Fill this beta quickly with content by cloning an existing TMat to it (any size would work)
  • Be mean and think outside the box :)
  • If you hit any others errors that does not meet the criteria of the rules, I would still like to hear about it :)

Thanks for helping me make this bug free!

UPDATE *******************

There were two winners in the Lindens 4 Bugs!

Congratulations to Chywe DeVinna, & rivereed Weatherwax

They both win L$2000 for their bugs submitted!

Honorable mention to Precious Bolissima for submitting a bug already submitted. Thanks so much for trying! :)

Finishing up fixing the bug Chywe submitted (rivereed's is fixed) and doing a little more testing, and the release will happen today.

Thanks everyone that tried, I really appreciate your help in this area! :)


Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 September 2010 10:46

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