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Skidz Partz - Announcements
Written by Skidz Tweak   
Monday, 12 April 2010 21:58

Hi all, I am happy to annouce that we just recently released a plug-in for the TMat called the "Web Media Share Plug-in". It takes full advantage of the new Web on Prim technology built into Viewer 2. But, don't let that turn you off!


You DO NOT HAVE TO USE VIEWER 2 to take full advantage of it!


If you own a TMat already Get it here! Or get the TMat with it already installed here!


Some of it features include

  • Browse your items online
  • Much faster to view your items
  • It can take advantage of the new Web on prim display in viewer 2
  • Display details of the item including name, permissions, creator, and so much more.
  • Give button to send yourself selected items in world.
  • Switch folders on the web page
  • Quick Page bar (bottom) to move between pages quickly
  • Secure, only individuals with permissions, or you give the URL to can view it
  • Can be used in most popular web browsers (IE is not supported)
  • Use it on a second monitor

How it works

On the top bar the "Web" button toggles the Web Media Share view.
Web media share replaces the thumbnails with a web page in world using the new Media Share technology in Viewer 2. You do not have to use Viewer 2 to fully take advantage of this, just open the link in your web browser (see web browser below for more details). Keep in mind, that this function is more about browsing  your items than it is organizing them. You can not use the top bar in conjunction with the Web view.


Switching folders

At the top of the Web display you can select a folder from the drop down menu. Your TMat will change to that folder.
If the folder changes outside your web page for any reason you can refresh the display of the current folder by clicking the refresh button on the BOTTOM navigation bar. It is faster to use the refresh on the bottom navigation bar, than to refresh the entire web page.



You don't really have to worry about security with this feature. Only if you have given someone take permissions (see Permissions under the section Main Menu) can they take items from your TMat. Also by toggling the Web view off, you disable all access to the TMat via the current URL forever. The TMat will only instant message the URL to other with Browse permissions or greater. Touching the web display prim (center thumbnail) will do this. The only concern could be that someone without browse permissions could obtain the URL and could browse your TMat. But... You can disable all access to your TMat by toggling the Web View off, and that URL will never be valid again.


Permissions for in world display

When displaying the web page in world (with viewer 2), others will only be able to see the web display if they have permissions. If Anyone has permissions to Take, Browse, or Organize your TMat, then anyone will be able to see an interact with the web page in world. If Group has permissions to Take, Browse, or Organize your TMat then only others with the same group active as the TMat will be able to view the web page in world. If only the owner has permissions to Take, Browse, or Organize the TMat then only the owner will be able to see it in world. If you don't want to change permissions but want a buddy to view the display you can give them the current URL.


Navigating the Web page

On the top bar you can:
  • Filter - Type in the a word and it will filter the current view.
    • Give - You must be within 96 Meters of the TMat in order for give to work.
    • If you are not the owner of the TMat, you will need to select yourself by clicking the down arrow to the right of the give button.
  • Change folder - Open the drop down to select a folder from the list. This will change the folder on the TMat and update the display.
    • You can also change folders by clicking a folder on the TMat, but you will then need to click the refresh button on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Change Themes - You can select from the themes to change the web page.
Item Display
In the center are you will see thumbnails of your items in the TMat. You can:
  • Select a item
  • See details and larger view of the item
  • In browsers besides safari, you can use the CTRL, or SHIFT keys to select multiple Items
  • Resize the right details panel by moving your mouse over the divider and dragging it
On the bottom bar you can:
  • Move to the First page
  • Move to the Prev page
  • Move to the Next page
  • Move to the Last Page
  • Refresh the data
  • See item count


Web Browsers:

All popular browsers are supported except for Internet Explorer. I recommend Chrome from Google (It's just faster).
If you are having troubles with a browser inside of a Second Life viewer, you should try to clear your cache. "Edit/Preferences/Web/Clear Cache" then refresh.
The Safari web browser (what is used in viewer 2.0 Media Share) you can not use CTRL or the SHIFT key to select multiple items.


Why would I want to use this?

Speed! It takes a couple second for it to first come up in the browser, but after that it is incredibly fast.
Do you have two monitors? Try pulling your TMat up on one monitor and build in the other.


Extra notes - Media share was made for browsing your items quicker than in world. You can not use it to help organize your TMat at this time. None of the buttons on the top bar work with the Media Share view as well.
See the "Media Share FAQ" section below for common questions.


Media Share FAQ
Q. How can I give permissions for the give button to others?
A. Just like you would normally. Change the permission you want under the Control Panel.


Q. When others click give, the items are given to me. Why?
A. They have to select themselves using the arrow on the right hand side of the give button. If they are not listed they need to move within 96 meters of the TMat, and refresh the page.


Q. How can I get the URL of the page after it has opened?
A. Click the prim the gets larger when you enable the web media share button. It will say the url.


Q. The page just stopped working for no reason. Why?
A. This application uses direct connections to your TMat, that can be lost if the sim reboots, or a number of reasons. Connections are also lost when you turn off the media share display by clicking the "Web" button on the frame. Just turn it back on and open the new web page url.


Q. Can I select more than one item at a time?
A. In most browsers, yes. But in world on the media share display I can't detect either the "Shift" or "Ctrl" key. If you are having issues open it in a normal web browser, and use the "Shift" or "CTRL" key to select more than one item at a time.


Q. I am having trouble with the built in web browser in my Second Life client, but other browser work fine. How can I fix this?
A. "Edit/Preferences/Web/Clear Cache" then refresh the page.


Q. I don't see some of my textures in this view.. why?
A. If the item is no mod or no trans, I am unable to read its key, so I can't display its image online. There are also other textures linden labs chooses not to allow to view online for one reason or another.
Last Updated on Monday, 12 April 2010 23:25

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