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Skidz Partz - Announcements
Written by Alayna Hutson   
Thursday, 29 October 2009 07:56

"Halloween", "terrifying", "dying", "witch", and "scariest" is a collection of words I attempted to use for our Halloween party event. None of these are swear words, correct? None of them have hidden agendas? None of them are outside of the PG standard, right? They're just straight-from-the-dictionary, altered for proper structure words that made my event description so hauntingly delightful, I don't know that anyone could have stayed away...


Except that I couldn't use those words. Those words hold so much fear and contempt that unless they were gone, the event description was "invalid." Poor Abel who was forced to post my events for me due to my bizarre inability to post events at our location despite meeting the basic criteria, and he was equally baffled as to what the issue was. I was only using up 504 characters in the original post and we were scratching our heads, attempt after attempt. Once all those ridiculous words were out of the event, there was no problem getting it posted.

So I'd like to try and understand the issue with these words. The last I checked, Halloween isn't a mature holiday. It's enjoyed by all ages from babies in pumpkin costumes, tots dressed as pirates and princesses, and teens... well, no teens these days aren't dressing up as appropriate things anymore. But nonetheless, some horror movies that are "terrifying" happen to be PG rated. The Ring is a good example. That scared the pants off all the teenagers. Not rated R.

PG is not the new G rating for Second Life and the Lindens have made a VERY weird call here.

What if my event hadn't been about Halloween? "It's terrifying that before Halloween, the scariest thing we've encountered is the weather. The leaves took their time dying this year, and we're just raking up in the yard now!" Okay, so it's a stretch for an event, but based on those words, despite context, I couldn't post it.

Seriously, what the heck?

So here's the UNCENSORED post for our third annual Halloween party:

Morphe Inc. & Skidz Partz BYOB: Bring Your Own Boos!

Join us for the third annual Halloween Party hosted by Morphe Inc. & Skidz Partz! It’s the party everyone’s dying to go to!

The festivities begin at 6:00 PM SLT/PDT and go to 12:00 AM SLT/PDT if you can survive that long!

Costume Prizes Awarded For: Best Overall - Best Couple - Best Witch - Scariest - Prettiest - Most Unusual - Cutest - And more...

And with terrifying trivia happening throughout the night, everyone can be a winner!


Yeah... everyone is going to quiver in fear reading that... NOT!


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