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Written by Skidz Tweak   
Friday, 25 September 2009 17:13
So the new TNT Primz are almost here, and I am being asked often if this is a free update to the Skidz Primz, and the short answer is no, this is not a free update. Let me explain why..
First off, I see corporate greed every day, and it sickens me. I can't believe some of the stuff they get away with, and I know how easy it would be to think that this is one of those cases where someone is getting greedy and not giving out free updates. This could not be further from the truth. I often think that corporations get away with this type of behavior because there are so many people working together, reinforcing its that it is OK to gouge there customers. I am Skidz Partz, I answer all my IMs , I make 93% of everything for Skidz Partz, I do this full time, and I hold myself accountable for every action taken by Skidz Partz. I do want to drop in a note that I have great friends that generously help me out very often as well, so I am not alone in my efforts. But the point is, I could not in good conscious rip anyone off, or take advantage of my customers in anyway.

There are several reason TNT Primz are not an update. I admit, I originally started making TNT Primz with the intention of them being an update to Skidz Primz. But as the product progressed I realized there would be several limitations in the direction I was going, limitations the Skidz Primz do not have. When I realized this I considered just stopping right there. I mean, I could not give you an update to the Skidz Primz that removed functionality you had before. After thinking about this long and hard, and discussing it with friends I came to the conclusion, that my other products should not stop me from innovating. With that in mind, I started working in the direction of this being a new product. Thinking of this as a new product allowed me to go even further in different direction from Skidz Primz, allowing me to innovate even more. Not to mention Skidz Primz are not dead. I still plan on keeping them to up to date, and innovating with them.

So what are these limitations? Well for one TNT Primz can not work with huge Primz. While you might not think this is a big deal, from my own research I find to others it is. Skidz Primz is the only tool that does work with huge Primz, and this has been pointed out to me by several customers in the past. So it is important to them. Second thing TNT do not work with normal prims (I mean prims that have no TNT, or Skidz Primz scripts in them). While this is a great feature in Skidz Primz, it does take up a lot of resources. I never use it, but there are several that do. Its also part of the core of how Skidz Primz work, that you don't need everything in a build to be a Skidz Prim. Reason three, is the handicapped. Believe it or not the Skidz Primz allow the blind to build, and really with the way TNT works, it would not facilitate that at all. These are just three of the reasons, there are several more, but they get very detailed and I am sure I put you to sleep already.

But Skidz Primz and TNT Primz will work together right? Yes, but not on the initial release. I have to make an update to the Skidz Primz first.
So, if they work together, can't you just combine the functionality and give us that as an update? I could, you are right. But you would end up with a bloated building tool, and loose the benefits of the weeks I spent making everything run efficiently. Oh, it would still work efficiently, but would be much slower, and require several more scripts in the TNT prim (which has only 1 script).

So why would you buy the TNT Primz?
* They are much faster. Much Much faster.
* TNT Primz take up less resources than Skidz Primz (only 1 script per prim)
* Creative innovations only found here
* New modes like Texture, and RotSide
* Enhanced modes like Move
* Works with Sculpties (with some small limitations)
* New architecture is going to allow me to make some even kewler things now that I have the framework built out

One last note, when I do release the update for the Skidz Primz to make them work with TNT Primz, I do plan on including a voucher for a discount of 1000 lindens. If I can figure out how to get it to work on hippo vendors. But it might be a month or two before the Skidz Primz update is released. I am doing it this way because it requires me to do less work by hand, instead of having to confirm everyone purchase. For this same reason, I will not give you back 1000 lindens if you buy early. I am just one man, and have lots on my plate, and just can't take the time to confirm everything. Sorry.

Please if you have questions... do not hesitate to leave a message below.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 October 2009 01:15


+1 #44 Rylan Sirnah 2009-11-14 03:33
Hey Skidz.. you mentioned in an earlier post that there is the possibility that you would be offering a rebate on the TNT primz for those that already use the Skidz Primz, and that would be in a future update. Any word on when that will be? I am dying to get my hands on the TNT Primz and have a build on the back burner now waiting for them. I just don't want to jump the gun and buy too soon. Is it gonna be a long wait? :D
0 #43 Phacule Gothly 2009-10-28 10:24

I have read the entire post here and must say bravo to you. Standing on principle and not giving in to angry tyrates is an honerable trait.
I currently use prim docker but will be buying both of your products when I get home.
I might add both of my children are handicapped and to see someone advocate for them in such a fierce manner is heartwarming. You keep up the good work and Im sure ill enjoy your products very much.

Thank you again
0 #42 Rylan Sirnah 2009-10-21 08:39
Aww :cry: I Was dreaming of a fancy-dancey interface. A minimize button is SOOO last version... LOL!

All is good.. I luuuuuvsss me Skidz primz!!
0 #41 Skidz Tweak 2009-10-21 03:28
I do have plans to add a minimize button to the Skidz Primz Hud in the next release. :-)
0 #40 Rylan Sirnah 2009-10-21 03:17
I know that I would be happy as all hell if you could find a way for the Skidz Prims to lose that that horrible HUD. I use megas all the time so sadly the new TnT primz are not an option for me ( grrrr ). is there any way to perhaps make the HUD go away on an update? :D
0 #39 Eli Stallion 2009-10-14 00:59

when i heard about the new TNT Prims and saw the video, which was yesterday, i was really exited. But then i saw the price and realized that this is an independent product, and i have to admit i was a little bit shocked, but only for short time. Now i think, that it is totally justified to market the TNT Prims as an independent tool along skidz primz. Why? I was using Skidz Primz for quite some time now, remembered myself of, what an outstanding inovative and well thought out tool it is. (this is really no exaggeration, as everybody who is using products from skidz tweak should know)And because of this i think it is really ok, to pay for the new TNT primz tool, which is imo also very inovative and just well, damn handy.(I hope so, havent bought it yet, but i will buy it with no doubt that i get a good product for my money)
please everybody excuse my messy english ;-)
0 #38 Nadine Neddings 2009-10-06 12:04
I work with such a variety of prims/objects so I think that's why it is a little more challenging for me to decide which is the better choice for my needs.

Danke for the suggestion, Herr Tweak.
0 #37 Skidz Tweak 2009-10-06 11:14
I don't suppose there are plans to provide a tool which possesses everything?

Now there lies the big problem. It really is not possible to do that, or I would have. Its how I implemented these two different product that actually facilitates there features. For example you want Mega, and sculpties. Skidz Primz support Mega just fine, because it wraps an interface around the mega, and TNT support sculpties just fine, because the interface replace the prim as the sculpty itself. But... I could never wrap an interface around a sculpty (no data to read on it shape), and I could never replace a mega prim with the interface because I can't resize a prim larger than 10x10.

And this comes back to exactly why they are two products.

Mirror one day I might be able to squeeze into the single script of the TNT Primz (thats why theres no mirror, it wouldn't fit into the script).

While I want to say, get TNT Primz, so you can see how kewl they are... I think the best suggested for you is to buy Skidz Primz for now, and then when I release the update to make them play nice together, you will get a coupon in the update package to purchase TNT primz at a nice discount. Then as you work, you can choose which products is best for you.
0 #36 Nadine Neddings 2009-10-06 05:27
Thanks, Skidz. I received your comparison chart in-world too.

I'm not sure I'm any closer to making a decision though, as there are features I could use which only one or the other has. ;-) Mirror, megas, sculpties, texture alignment.

I don't suppose there are plans to provide a tool which possesses everything?

By the way, folks: looking at the comparison chart, it's quite evident that TNT Primz is *not* just a straightforward upgrade. There are some features which only Skidz Primz has and TNT does not.
0 #35 Skidz Tweak 2009-10-05 20:23
No matter which way I go, people are going to be unhappy, and I am sorry you feel that way. But you should note that I already said that the discount coupon might be higher, because I like to under promise and over deliver.

What more can I do to make your happy? I am willing to listen, and implement it if its a good solution.

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