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Introducing the New TNT Primz System! PDF Print E-mail
Skidz Partz - Announcements
Written by Alayna Hutson   
Saturday, 05 September 2009 00:00

We've teased you, we've tortured you, and finally we've appeiased you! The TNT Primz system was released as a beta on August 27, after being in development for eight months. New owners provided Skidz with amazing reviews and testimonals within the first 48 hours, praising the new functionality, modes, and reduced lag! Skidz has even released a video on it already.

The TNT Primz are very much like the Skidz Primz in terms of how they work. However, the TNT Primz almost completely eliminate the prim-heavy load that makes up the Skidz Primz interface. Using the newly implemented touch methods in Second Life, a single prim is created to "replace" your prim temporarily, indicating the touch points with textures. When you touch a point, a pin is created in that spot to show where you're working. This means that for each active prim, you only have to worry about an additional three prims to complete an alignment!

The new Texture Mode puts the texture options on your prims!


 Skidz also added two new modes, the most exciting of them being Texture Mode. Taking full advantage of the touch methods as well, Texture Mode's interface appears right on the face of the prim you'd like to work with. You can turn texture attributes on and off, and use sliders to adjust the level of shine, alpha, glow, and even apply a color. With a simple touch, the texture can be rotated. And never before could you reposition and size the textures themselves by hand until the TNT Primz came along. Click-drag your mouse across either of the Position or Scale bars to manually move and size textures.

And if you make a mistake? Click the bottom left button to reset everything back to normal!

 You can get your copy of the Beta today only on Skidz Isle near the Skidz Primz display. 

Last Updated on Saturday, 05 September 2009 07:00


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