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Skidz Partz - Announcements
Written by Skidz Partz   
Wednesday, 17 June 2009 23:26

What are we doing?

We don't know!

Why are we doing it?

We don't know!

How are we doing it?

We don't know!

When are we doing it?

June 26th, 2009 from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM SLT/PDT!

Where are we doing it?

Skidz Isle and Skidz Isle 2!

Who are we doing it with?

Skidz Tweak, Alayna Hutson, and all the staff at Skidz Partz!

Keep your calendar clear on June 26th, because Skidz Partz will be hosting the most awesome something for reasons we don't know, using methods we can't tell you! You don't want to miss it, whatever it is!

Watch here on and in the SL Events for a complete listing of what's going on when we actually know what's going on! 



0 #2 Alayna Hutson 2009-06-18 10:16
We don't know, but I'll be sure to tell you when the details are all ironed out! :D I don't need to see ANYONE naked!
0 #1 Matto Destiny 2009-06-18 09:21
I'm Looking forward to going and seeing well um i dont know yet. Another Question is what do i wear? hip,hop, funky,punky,cas ual,formal or play safe and go nekked and change there XD (kidding). :D

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