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Skidz Partz - Announcements
Written by Sleek Weezles   
Friday, 24 April 2009 14:56
For those of you that don't know, Skidz Isle is a huge 2 sim sandbox, with no restrictions on scripts or physics. As much as we love to have fun here, sometimes we have to lay down the laws. It is something we don't enjoy but it is necessary. I thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of rules, and staff member for everyone on the site.  
Have a problem? 

DO NOT contact the owner!  If there is a problem, speak with an online manager. If none are available, please leave an offline IM to one of our Estate Managers. Repeated IMs will be seen as harassment and will result in a ban.

 Skidz Isle Staff
    • Skidz Tweak
    • Alayna Hutson
    • Abel Dreamscape
    • Hermit Barber
    • Sleek Weezles
    • Uriel Blackadder
    • Abel Dreamscape
    • Allric Mabellon
    • April Potter
    • Guddu Rehula
    • Hermit Barber
    • Loxtrisa Ray
    • Nathalia Nadir
    • Riles Delpiaz
    • Sleek Weezles
    • Syem Piek
    • Tormented Twilight
    • Uriel Blackadder
    • Xoeei Parx
    • Vetherian Vaher

•   If you leave the sandbox, your items will be returned in 20 minutes
•   If you are in the sandbox the entire time, your items will be auto-returned in 300 minutes (5 hours)
•   Our managers have the authority to return your items based on the below rules

•   NOTE: Our managers and staff do not have the ability to delay an auto-return! 
            DO NOT contact a manager or staff member to ask to delay/stop/etc the auto-returns!


•    No advertising or selling
•    No flooding, spamming, or irritating others
•    No huge prims over 100x100x100
•    No excessive swearing (chat and/or voice)
•    No streaming music or excessive noise over voice
•    Respect the space that others are using
•    Please take oversized builds (50x50 +) over 100m
•    Weapons may only be used on others with their consent
•    Unattended sound and resource-heavy objects are subject to return without warning
•    Build ONLY inside the sandbox area
•    Excessive sounds will NOT be tolerated (gestures, sound effects, etc.)
•    Concealing your identity in any way using an invisible prim or name-hiding device will result in a ban


You can be BANNED not warned for the following:

        •    Griefing
        •    Disrespecting, second-guessing, threatening, or harassing our managers
        •    Excessively attacking, threatening, harassing, or disrespecting other sandbox users
        •    Claiming to be a manager or banning officer
        •    Sexual harassment, intolerance, racism, etc (by you or your objects)
        •    Concealing your identity in any way (this is interpreted as suspicious behavior)

Your objects will be RETURNED and you will be WARNED ONCE for the following:

        •    Using excessive prims (1500+) or prims larger than 100x100x100
        •    Selling (this includes leaving objects marked as “For Sale” out as well as Tipjars and direct selling)
        •    Advertising (including ads placed and actively promoting yourself, your products, or anyone else’s)
        •    Building disruptively (excessive physical prims, particles, noise, etc,  building on others or their work)

You will be WARNED ONCE for the following:

        •    Failing to observe the PG status of our Sims (nudity, excessive sexual conduct, etc)
        •    Excessive obscene language (chat and/or voice)
        •    Voice abuse (including obscene language, use as a personal radio, inappropriate dialog, etc)
        •    Excessive noise from voice, objects, or gestures


Do not accept scripts or scripted objects from people unless you know or trust the individual you receive it from. There are many tricksters in Second Life who will give you scripts or objects that they claim do something which instead will cause you to inadvertently grief a sim. If you receive a suspicious or questionable script or object, please do not use or drop the script or object in our sandboxes. Should the script cause actions which are interpreted as griefing, you will be banned without notice. Claiming the script was given to you under false pretenses will not lift the ban.

All warning and bans are fully documented by our Sandbox Managers and kept on record. Chat logs of abuse will be kept by our managers and also logged in the Skidz Isle Mentors group should abuse occur there as well.

Those visiting our sandboxes in a Police or otherwise authoritative uniform or wearing a tag with similar status will be subject to scrutiny by any of our managers. Any actions taken by these authoritative role-players which are interpreted as breaking our rules will not be tolerated and will result in a warning; likewise, anyone with a tag of “Manager,” or similar may be asked to change tags so they are not interpreted as a Sandbox Manager.

Our Sandbox Managers have the right to send Abuse Reports as necessary regarding anything found to be an obvious breach of the Second Life Terms of Service (TOS).

Last Updated on Friday, 24 April 2009 15:08


0 #1 Loxtrisa Ray 2009-04-24 10:20
This isn't Linden Land. You don't have "rights" except the right to build/script/hangout in peace as long as you don't bother others. Politeness will get you way more respect than complaining.

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