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Skidz Partz - Announcements
Written by Skidz Tweak   
Monday, 13 April 2009 19:49
I know you all missed the the return bots as much as me. I got them working again finally. The Isles are so much cleaner now. Returns happen 20 minutes after you leave.

I still had them running on old LibSL code. I converted them over to OpenMV, which is the same thing but they changed their name when Linden labs decided to enforce for copyright laws. Browsing through the code, it looks even better than before, much more clean and organized. 

I thought I would note some of the things I had to change, so that it might make the conversion from LibSL to OpenMV a little easier for others: 
  • SecondLife: This object is now called GridClient
  • LLUUID: this is now UUID under OpenMetaverse, but in the OpenMetaverse.Types project.
  • LLVector3: this is now Vector3
  • Vector3.dist: this has been changed to Vector3.distance
  • llObject: this is now Primitives
  • Parcel class no longer has a Simulator property
  • ObjectReturnType is no longer in the Parcel class, instead its a enum in OpenMetaverse
I am sure there are a lot more differences, but these are the ones I ran across.
Last Updated on Monday, 13 April 2009 20:58


0 #2 Alayna Hutson 2009-04-14 09:11
Woohoo! Clutter-be-gone! This is going to make a big difference! Thanks a lot, Skidz!
0 #1 Loxtrisa Ray 2009-04-13 15:26
That's really going to help at the sandboxes! :D

Um the other stuff underneath is all over my head

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